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via exit.al09/09/2020

835 Cases of COVID-19 in Children Since Beginning of Pandemic - Exit - Explain Albania

Since the first case of COVID-19 was confirmed in March, there have been 835 confirmed cases of the virus in children in Albania. Currently, eight children are hospitalised in a COVID-19 ward in Tirana’s pediatric hospital. Georgina Kuli, the head of the Pediatric Infectious Diseases Service at the Mother Theresa Hospital confirmed this information to

via exit.al09/04/2020

Private COVID-19 Tests in Albania, Most Expensive in the Region - Exit - Explain Albania

The cost of private COVID-19 PCR tests is the highest in the region at 12,000 ALL or around EUR 100. Only two laboratories have been licensed by the government to offer the tests. Both have since started an aggressive online marketing campaign to provide the service, alongside serological testing. The PRC test that costs EUR

via exit.al09/02/2020

Poland Bans Flights from Albania Due to COVID-19 Concerns - Exit - Explain Albania

Poland has banned flights from Albania, effective September 2nd. All scheduled flights have been cancelled. LOT Polish Airlines has organized two charter flights from Tirana to Warsaw on September 5 and 8 for Polish citizens still in Albania. Those who wish to travel are required to contact the airline. Tickets cost €124 (PLN 550).    The

via exit.al09/01/2020

European Commission to Give COVID-19 Vaccine to Albania for Free - Exit - Explain Albania

The European Commission has announced it will provide the future COVID-19 vaccine to Albania, free of charge. President of the EC, Ursula von der Leyen said in a press release that they will donate some EUR 400 million for the vaccine in countries with “medium and poor economies.” “Global collaboration is the only way to

via exit.al08/24/2020

At Least 190 Cases of COVID-19 Being Treated in Albania's Hospitals - Exit - Explain Albania

More than 190 people are being treated for COVID-19 at the country’s two specialist hospitals in Tirana. According to the Ministry of Health, 148 of them are being treated with intensive oxygen therapy and seven are intubated in an aggravated condition. There are also a further 39 patients who no longer have COVID-19 but are

via exit.al08/19/2020

Kosovo Prime Minister Recovers from COVID-19 - Exit - Explaining Albania - Exit - Explain Albania

Kosovo Prime Minister Avdullah Hoti has recovered from COVID-19 after more than two weeks of treatment. On Wednesday, Hoti announced that he is back in his office and has fully resumed work. He warned everyone to follow guidelines to protect themselves and others from infection, and slammed those who don’t believe in the virus’ existence.

via exit.al08/19/2020

Albania to Begin Plasma Therapy for COVID-19 Patients - Exit - Explain Albania

Albanian Minister of Health Ogerta Manastirliu has announced that blood plasma therapy will be used to treat all coronavirus infected patients. During a visit at the Mother Teresa University Center (QSUT) Manastirliu confirmed that work is underway to create a blood bank that will serve those infected with COVID-19. She called upon all citizens to

via exit.al09/08/2020

Albania COVID-19 Update 8 Sep: 2 Dead, 147 Infections, 53 Recoveries - Exit - Explain Albania

Two people, aged 59 and 73, infected with COVID-19 have died in Albania in the last 24 hours bringing the total number of victims to 321.  147 new cases have been found, 67 of them in Tirana, bringing the total number of cases since the beginning of the pandemic to 10553, the Ministry of Health

via exit.al09/03/2020

Second COVID-19 Patient in Two Weeks Commits Suicide in Albanian Hospital - Exit - Explain Albania

A second COVID-19 patient has committed suicide by jumping from a window of the Shefqet Ndroqi hospital in Tirana. The 65-year-old was admitted to the hospital with COVID-19 and pneumonia just two days ago. He was in a serious condition but was not intubated. He was in what was described as an “aggravated psychological condition”

via exit.al09/01/2020

Albanians Fined Abroad for Overstaying Visa During COVID-19 Lockdown to be Reimbursed by Albanian Government - Exit - Explain Albania

The General Directorate of Taxation in Albania will reimburse the fines imposed by the authorities of foreign countries for Albanians that overstayed their visas due to COVID-19. The reimbursements will apply to any penalties incurred abroad between 10 March and 1 June 2020. The official notification of the GDT lists the documents that citizens must

via michigansthumb08/30/2020

North Macedonia government wins confidence vote - Huron Daily Tribune

SKOPJE, North Macedonia (AP) - North Macedonia's parliament approved a new left-wing coalition government late on Sunday. The Social Democrat-led government is to eventually be headed by the country's first ethnic Albanian prime minister, according to its coalition agreement. After two days of heated debate, lawmakers voted 62-51 in favor of the new government led by Social Democrat leader Zoran Zaev, 46. Seven members were absent. Zaev and his coalition partners won 62 of the Parliament's 120 seats in the July election. Zaev, who led the previous government from 2017 to 2020, formed a more streamlined Cabinet with 19 members, seven fewer than before. Nine ministers either kept their positions or were moved to new ones. Seven posts went to ethnic Albanians. Zaev told lawmakers his new Cabinet will focus on reviving the economy, dealing with the coronavirus pandemic and fighting corruption. He announced 1 billion euros ($1.19 billion) in new foreign investments, a 40% increase in the minimum wage and pensions and a planned judiciary reform. According to the power-sharing deal with the ethnic Albanian Democratic Union for Integration party, Zaev will hand the prime minister's office over to an ethnic Albanian politician proposed by his junior partner 100 days before the end of the government's four-year term, in 2024. It would be the first time a representative of the largest minority ethnic community have held that position since North Macedonia split from the former Yugoslav federation in 1991. The conservative opposition fiercely criticized the new Cabinet, claiming it is "incapable" of dealing with the pandemic and fulfilling its promises. During parliamentary debate, a few hundred people held a rally in front of the European Union's offices and...

via exit.al08/21/2020

UNECE: "Urgent Need" for Albania to Find New Ways to Finance Affordable Housing - Exit - Explain Albania

The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe has noted the “multiple challenges” that remain due to lack of public funds for housing construction and the inefficiency of some municipalities to implement housing programmes in Albania. In a statement issued today, the UNECE said that while the national government has supported municipal programs and investments in

via exit.al08/19/2020

Rama for BILD: EU Closed Borders with the Balkans for Political Reasons, Not Due to Coronavirus - Exit - Explain Albania

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama has blamed domestic politics in European countries for the closure of borders with the Balkans amidst the coronavirus pandemics. In the specific case of Albania, Rama blamed his government’s “very transparent” daily reports on new COVID-19 cases. In an interview with German newspaper BILD while on holidays in southern Albania,

via exit.al08/19/2020

Albanians Not Allowed to Enter Switzerland Under New COVID-19 Restrictions - Exit - Explain Albania

Albanian citizens can no longer travel to Switzerland as they are considered a risk of spreading COVID-19. The country updated its list of risky countries and starting from 20 August, 12 countries have been added to the blacklist, including Albania. This means that Albanians can no longer travel to Switzerland and citizens of Switzerland cannot

via exit.al09/02/2020

Bank of Albania: Coronavirus Crisis Did Not Affect Albania's Banking Sector - Exit - Explain Albania

The Bank of Albania (BoA) has argued that the coronavirus crisis did not affect the banking sector in the country. A report covering the first half of 2020, approved on Wednesday by the BoA Supervisory Council, stated that the banking sector developed steadily, and its financial indicators remained at good levels as a result of

via exit.al09/01/2020

Qatar Gives Aid to Albania to Help Fight COVID-19 - Exit - Explaining Albania - Exit - Explain Albania

The Embassy of the State of Qatar in Albania has signed an agreement to deliver medical services from the Qatar Charity to the Albanian Ministry of Health. A number of modern and high-quality medical devices were delivered to the University Hospital Centre “Mother Theresa” to help the country fight the COVID-19 pandemic. The agreement and

via wvua2308/31/2020

The Latest: Britain Traces Cases Linked to Greek Flight -

By The Associated Press LONDON - British authorities say 16 coronavirus cases have been linked to a flight that brought U.K. tourists back from Greece, and everyone aboard has been told to isolate themselves for two weeks. Public Health Wales says it is contacting almost 200 people who were ab

via exit.al08/27/2020

300,000 COVID-19 Vaccines for Kosovo Secured - Exit - Explaining Albania - Exit - Explain Albania

Kosovo has secured 300,000 doses of the forthcoming COVID-19 vaccine through an agreement with the World Health Organisation and the GAVI association. Media in Kosovo said that WHO officials have agreed to provide vaccines for 20% of the population as soon as the vaccine is released. The first 300,000 doses will be free and the

via schengenvisainfo08/20/2020

Greece Makes COVID-19 Testing Mandatory for Citizens From 10 Countries -

Citizens arriving in Greece from Bulgaria, Romania, U.A.E, Albania, Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden, North Macedonia, Spain and Malta will be required to present a negative result of PCR test, not older than 72 hours, Greece’s government has announced. The decision will be kept in place until at least August 31, reports. Greek citizens, as […]

via exit.al08/19/2020

Germany Imports Protective Clothing from Albania to Support Textile Industry - Exit - Explain Albania

Germany has imported the first 100,000 items of protective clothing for medical staff from Albanian textile companies. On Tuesday, the German Embassy in Tirana announced the export of the first batch through a program aiming at supporting the textile industry in Albania after it was hit by the coronavirus pandemic. The ProSEED program is sponsored