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via exit.al08/13/2020

How to Make Your Own Cloth Mask - Exit - Explain Albania

Wearing a mask in public has become mandatory in some European countries, while in Albania they are required in enclosed spaces, public transport, and shops.  Wearing a mask helps to reduce the risk of the wearer transmitting COVID-19 to other people and also provides some protection against contracting the virus. Surgical or single-use masks are

via exit.al08/08/2020

Number of Coronavirus Victims in Albania Quintupled After Reopening - Exit - Explain Albania

Four Albanians succumbed to COVID-19 during the past 24 hours, bringing the total number of coronavirus victims in the country to 193. The number of victims, alongside the number of reported infected cases, has seen a significant increase beginning from a few days after the country reopened, in early June. Since the beginning of the

via menafn08/08/2020

UAE- President of World Council of Muslim Communities meets Grand Mufti of Albania - MENAFN.COM

) ABU DHABI, 7th August, 2020 (WAM) -- Dr Ali Rashid Al Nuaimi, President of the World Council of Muslim Communities, met today in Abu Dhabi, Bujar Spahiu, the Grand Mufti of Albania and Chairman of the Sunni Muslim Community of Albania, currently visiting the UAE capital.

The meeting addressed the efforts made by Muslim communities around the world i

via meatpoultry08/07/2020

USMEF: June pork, beef exports slide due to COVID-19 - Meat & Poultry

WASHINGTON – For the first time in 2020, data released by the US Dept. of Agriculture and complied by the US Meat Export Federation showed that US pork exports in June fell below year-ago levels. However, exports remain on a record pace for the rest of the year. Beef export numbers went down sharply from June 2019 as the temporary slowdown of beef production due to coronavirus and restrictions on foodservice have weakened economics for major import markets for US producers. “We expected that the . . .

via schengenvisainfo08/06/2020

Greece Conducting 9000 COVID-19 Tests Each Day at Its Points of Entry -

Greece is conducting a total of 9,000 Coronavirus tests daily at the country’s entry points, Deputy Health Minister Vasilis Kotzamanis has announced. At the same time, Deputy Minister Koztamanis clarified that Kakavia border crossing in northern Greece is not opened for travellers, only for workers commuting between Greece and Albania, permanent residents and ethnic Greeks, […]

via worldpoliticsreview08/05/2020

How Internal Squabbling Paralyzed Europe’s Most Vital Security Organization - World Politics Review

Renewing the mandates of the OSCE’s four top leaders earlier this summer was widely seen as a mere formality. But then, a letter of protest from Azerbaijan turned a routine decision into a political power struggle that toppled the organization’s senior leadership team and left the OSCE in shambles.

via exit.al08/03/2020

Another Albanian Doctor Succumbs to COVID-19 - Exit - Explaining Albania - Exit - Explain Albania

Another Albanian doctor has succumbed to the coronavirus. Anibal Byberi passed this Monday morning in the Shefqet Ndroqi hospital. He was hospitalized in an aggravated state only the previous day. Byberi served as a pneumologist in Tropoja for several years. He had also served as the head of the Tropoja hospitality. He is the third

via exit.al08/10/2020

Famous Sculptor Arben Bajo Dies from COVID-19 - Exit - Explaining Albania - Exit - Explain Albania

Famous Albanian sculptor and artist Arben Bajo passed away on Sunday following his battle with COVID-19. He was diagnosed with the virus and his condition had deteriorated rapidly. Bajo had been intubated for a number of days and friends had appealed for a blood donor as he needed it urgently.  Unfortunately, the 52-year-old succumbed despite

via exit.al08/08/2020

UNDP Provides Activities for over 300 Roma and Non-Roma Children in Albania - Exit - Explain Albania

The UNDP in Albania, in collaboration with the Swiss Government and three municipalities, has organised a programme of cultural and entertainment activities for over 300 Roma and non-Roma children. Work included educational sessions on steps to be taken to protect and guard against COVID-19. With support from #SwissGov& in p’ship w/ 3 municipalities,part of “Leave

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Elderly Woman Takes Her Own Life in Vlore - Exit - Explaining Albania - Exit - Explain Albania

An elderly woman from Vlora has committed suicide, according to reports from the police. The 85-year-old was found hanging from a tree. Police said they do not suspect any foul play in the incident. Over the last six weeks, there has been a spate of suicides with four individuals taking their own lives in the

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COVID-19 Test Required for Albanians and Kosovars to Enter Montenegro - Exit - Explain Albania

Citizens from Albania and Kosovo will only be able to cross the border into Montenegro if they can show a negative COVID-19 test. The government of Montenegro decided on Thursday that Albania and Kosovo, along with four other countries, should be on the “yellow list” of at-risk for COVID-19. Citizens of these countries will be

via exit.al08/06/2020

Opposition Vetevendosje Initiates No-Confidence Vote against Kosovo Government - Exit - Explain Albania

On Thursday, Kosovo opposition Vetevendosje (LVV) party started to collect MP signatures to file a no-confidence motion against the Hoti Government. In a press conference, Rexhep Selimi and Arberie Nagavci of LVV said they decided to start the motion following the risk of a COVID-19 “humanitarian crisis” in the country as a result of the

via exit.al08/05/2020

Unicef Notes Increase in COVID-19 Cases Due to Insufficient PPE and People 'Relaxing' Social Distancing - Exit - Explain Albania

A UNICEF situation report on COVID-19 has found that the upward trends in infections is due in part to insufficient PPE, limited health system capacity, and low testing capabilities. Concerns were also raised that the population has become “more relaxed” about wearing masks and observing social distancing. The report also noted that the Albanian government

via exit.al08/03/2020

Albania Begins Preparing for Early Flu Vaccination as Part of Coronavirus Management Plan - Exit - Explain Albania

The Institute of Public Health (IShP) has begun preparations for vaccinating demographic categories that are most threatening against the coronavirus against the seasonal flu. The vaccination will be free of charge. Individuals suffering from chronic illnesses, medical staff, and teachers will be the first to receive the seasonal flu shot. Early flu vaccination is part

via exit.al08/08/2020

Kosovo Film Festival "DokuFest" Kicks off Online - Exit - Explaining Albania - Exit - Explain Albania

DokuFest 2020 kicked off last night, offering some 150 films made by Albanian filmmakers that can all be streamed online. The international documentary and short film festival started in 2002 and is usually held in the Kosovo city of Prizren during August. Over the last 18 years, it has grown into a significant cultural event

via wam.ae08/07/2020

President of World Council of Muslim Communities meets Grand Mufti of Albania - WAM EN

ABU DHABI, 7th August, 2020 (WAM) -- Dr Ali Rashid Al Nuaimi, President of the World Council of Muslim Communities, met today in Abu Dhabi, Bujar Spahiu, the Grand Mufti of Albania and Chairman of the Sunni Muslim Community of Albania, currently visiting the UAE capital. The meeting addressed the efforts made by Muslim communities around the world in curbing the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic and their role in promoting synergy between all organisations and governments in this respect. The two sides also reviewed...

via emerging-europe08/07/2020

Emerging Europe this week - Emerging Europe

Central Europe Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borissov (pictured above) signalled on Wednesday that he could resign following weeks of anti-government protests, but said his centre-right GERB-led cabinet should remain in place until an election due next year. Borissov said he wanted to avoid the collapse of the government and dissolution of parliament at a time […]

via exit.al08/06/2020

UN Sets Out $97 Million Coronavirus Recovery Plan for Albania - Exit - Explain Albania

The United Nations in Albania has published a $97 million plan for the socio-economic recovery of the country after the Covid-19 pandemic. It is in line with the government’s plan, and it’s projected to be implemented in 12-18 months. The UN plan sets out five pillars, related activities and budget, which will help Albania recover

via voanews08/05/2020

Greece Grapples with Dramatic Spike in COVID-19 Infections - Voice of America

Greece has recorded its biggest spike in COVID-19 infections since emerging from a nationwide lockdown three months ago. The country’s virus-free status – relative to others in Europe - has largely faded since allowing tourists to visit again. But now authorities are largely blaming young Greeks for the dramatic rise in infections, accusing them of socializing recklessly and not acting responsibly.

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Countdown for complex power-sharing talks in North Macedonia - Beaumont Enterprise

SKOPJE, North Macedonia (AP) - North Macedonia's newly elected lawmakers took their seats Tuesday for the first time since the country's July 15 elections, wearing masks and maintaining social distancing due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Tuesday.s formal first session of parliament starts a 10-day countdown for the leader of the party that came first in the elections to conclude complicated power-sharing negotiations with smaller parties. If these talks fail then the second party will have a go. Lawmakers met in a specially prepared parliamentary hall that allowed them to be spaced 2 meters (6.5 feet) apart, while temperature checks were carried out on arriving politicians. North Macedonia is among the most severely affected Balkan nations by the pandemic. By Monday, the country of around 2 million people had more than 11,000 confirmed cases, with 500 fatalities since late February. In last month's elections, a coalition headed by the pro-Western Social Democrats garnered only 46 seats in the 120-seat parliament, well short of the 61 that they must secure to be granted the mandate to form a government. Social Democrat leader and former prime minister Zoran Zaev said Tuesday he is starting power-sharing talks and is expected to begin with two parties representing the country's sometimes restive ethnic Albanian minority. The Democratic Union for Integrations, or DUI, has been part of coalition governments for the past 18 years. But the party is demanding that an ethnic Albanian be appointed prime minister for the first time in North Macedonia's history - a demand flatly rejected by the main political parties during the election campaign. DUI won 15 seats in July's election, while another coalition of two small ethnic Albanian parties, the Alliance for Albanians -Alternative, won 12 seats. The center-right...