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Chinese Cities Find Virus in Brazilian Chicken Wings, Ecuadorian Shrimp Packaging - VOA Asia

Two cities in China have found traces of the new coronavirus in imported frozen food and on food packaging, local authorities said on Thursday, raising fears that contaminated food shipments might cause new outbreaks. A sample taken from the surface of frozen chicken wings imported into the southern city of Shenzhen from Brazil, as well as samples of outer packaging of frozen Ecuadorian shrimp sold in the northwestern Xi'An city, have tested positive for the virus, local authorities said on Thursday. The discoveries came a day after traces of the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 were found on

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AstraZeneca will work with Mexico, Argentina to produce COVID-19 vaccine doses - FiercePharma

AstraZeneca's gung-ho effort to lock in national supply deals for its COVID-19 vaccine hopeful has paid off in recent weeks with a series of expensive agreements. Now, the British drugmaker will work with Mexico and Argentina to pump up supply to Latin American countries.


Coronavirus: Brazil becomes second country to pass 100,000 deaths after US - The Independent

Brazil’s coronavirus death toll has surpassed 100,000, with the country’s affliction showing no signs of abating as most cities reopen shops and restaurants. The nation became the second in the world to reach the grim milestone by official counts, 10 weeks after the United States. The virus, initially dismissed by president Jair Bolsonaro as a “little flu”, took three months

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Data protection laws in COVID-19 times - Healthcare IT News

Brazil is among the countries most heavily hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. With its GDPR-inspired data protection law, the country was among the forerunners in regulating digital privacy in 2018. Now, a postponement looks likely as detailed in the latest edition of HIMSS Insights, COVID-19 and Beyond.

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Coronavirus: Brazil sets aside $488m to buy and eventually produce vaccine - The Straits Times

BRASILIA • Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has issued a decree that will set aside 1.9 billion reais (S$488 million) to buy and eventually produce the potential Covid-19 vaccine being developed by AstraZeneca and Oxford University researchers.. Read more at

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Brazil 'adrift' as coronavirus death toll fast nears 100000 - MENAFN.COM

Five months after confirming its first case of the new coronavirus, Brazil is fast approaching the bleak milestone of 100,000 deaths from Covid-19, a tragedy experts blame on the country's lack of coherent response.
It will be just the second country to cross that grim threshold, after the US, where the death toll is now over 150,000.
'It's a tr

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Brazil adrift as coronavirus toll approaches 1,00,000 - Deccan Herald

Five months after confirming its first case of the new coronavirus, Brazil is fast approaching the bleak milestone of 1,00,000 deaths from Covid-19, a tragedy experts blame on the country's lack of coherent response. It will be just the second country to cross that grim threshold, after the United States, where the death toll is now over 1,50,000.

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Covid-19 roundup: Sorrento threatens to sue critic of their coronavirus 'cure'; Novavax signs with SK bioscience - Endpoints News

Sorrento Therapeutics has come under fire for how they’ve characterized their Covid-19 research, taking heat in May from researchers, bio-ethicists and even some investors for claiming they had a Covid-19 “cure.” Now, Sorrento is threatening “legal action” against an investment research firm critical of its work. Hindenburg Research first criticized

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Every country wants a covid-19 vaccine. Who will get it first? - MIT Technology Review

The Chinese company Sinovac Biotech developed an experimental vaccine for SARS back in 2004. That disease went away after killing just 800 people, and the project was shelved. But it meant that when the new coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, exploded in China last January, the company had a road map for what to do next. Four months…

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Brazil Becomes 2nd Nation to Pass 100,000 Pandemic Deaths - Voice of America

Brazil on Saturday became the second country in the world to pass 100,000 deaths from the coronavirus, second to the United States, which has more than 161,000 deaths and is nearing a different milestone of its own: nearly 5 million confirmed cases of coronavirus. Brazil reported 3 million cases, also on Saturday. Brazil’s president, Jair Bolsonaro, said Thursday he had “a clear conscience” despite the toll.

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India Reports More Cases Than US, Brazil For 4th Consecutive Day: 10 Points - NDTV

A huge spike of 61,537 new coronavirus patients in the last 24 hours has taken India's tally to 20,88,611, the Union Health Ministry said this morning, adding that over 14.27 lakh patients have recovered so far. This is the fourth consecutive day that India recorded the highest number of fresh infections in a single day across the world, according to the data by the World Health Organization. More than 42,000 deaths linked to the highly infectious disease have been recorded by India since the beginning of the pandemic; 933 patients died in the last 24 hours.

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US Approaches 4.9 Million Coronavirus Cases - Voice of America

The number of COVID-19 cases around the world continues its steady climb with more than 19.1 million infections, according to Johns Hopkins University.  The U.S. continues to have more cases than any place else with nearly 4.9 million, followed by Brazil with 2.9 million and India with two million. According to Johns Hopkins University, there were more than 2,000 COVID-19 deaths in the United States over the past 24 hours as of Thursday night – the highest one-day number since early May. Vaccine prospects The top U.S.

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Smoke pollution's impacts in Amazonia - Science Magazine

The combination of increasing Amazon deforestation and the specter of drought now threatens widespread fire and respiratory health risks that could worsen the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, endangering all Amazonians, but particularly vulnerable traditional and rural peoples ([ 1 ][1], [ 2 ][2]). Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon between January and June (3070 km2) was 25% higher than it was during the same period in 2019 (2446 km2) and 46% higher than the 4-year average of January through June from 2016 to 2019 (2108 km2) ([ 3 ][3]). Within Indigenous lands, which make up 23% of the Brazilian Amazon ([ 4 ][4]), deforestation quadrupled in the past 4 years (from 105 km2 in 2016 to 497 km2 in 2019) ([ 5 ][5]). Fire is intrinsic to the deforestation process—forest is left to dry after cutting and then burned to prepare for agriculture. The majority of deforested land in 2020, and 45% of the trees cut in 2019, has remained unburned ([ 4 ][4]). Between July and December this year, under dry conditions, most of this land will be set ablaze ([ 6 ][6]). Current indices predict a severe western Amazon drought in mid- to late 2020 ([ 2 ][2]). In drought years, deforestation fires often escape into surrounding forest understories. The smoke arising in large quantities from both deforestation and understory fires is extremely toxic, causing shortness of breath, coughing, and lung damage. Fires in the Amazon are responsible for 80% of increases in fine particulate pollution (PM2.5) regionally, affecting 24 million Amazonians ([ 7 ][7]). The likely relationship between air pollutants linked to fire, such as PM2.5, and COVID-19 infection ([ 8 ][8], [ 9 ][9]) suggests that fire could aggravate the current COVID-19 crisis in Amazonia, where infection rates are already high (1 in 100 in June) ([ 10 ][10]). Indigenous peoples are at particular risk, given that they are currently suffering COVID-19 mortality rates that are 1.5 times the Brazil-wide average ([ 11 ][11]). To avoid a combination of smoke and COVID-19 that could be catastrophic, Brazil must repeat in 2020 its past successes as an international leader curbing deforestation and fire ([ 12 ][12]). A moratorium on deforestation and associated burning in at-risk areas and strong enforcement from current infrastructure are urgently needed. 1. [↵][13]1. J. Barlow, 2. E. Berenguer, 3. R. Carmenta, 4. F. França , Glob. Chang. Biol. 26, 319 (2020). [OpenUrl][14] 2. [↵][15]1. L. E. O. C. Aragão, 2. C. H. L. Silva Junior, 3. L. O. Anderson , “Brazil's challenge to restrain deforestation and fires in the Amazon during COVID-19 pandemic in 2020: Environmental, social implications and their governance” (Tech. Rep. National Institute for Space Research, 2020). 3. [↵][16]TerraBrasilis, DETER (Notices), Analyses—Legal Amazon (2020); <>. To find total deforestation, select “Civil Year” above the “Monthly variation of DETER project area” line graph, then select the green box below the graph for each month to include. Scroll down to the “Areas by Years” bar graph to see the totals for those months in each year. 4. [↵][17]1. W. S. Walker , Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 10.1073/pnas.1913321117 (2020). 5. [↵][18]TerraBrasilis, PRODES (Deforestation), Analyses—Legal Amazon, (2020); <>. At the top, select “Indigenous Areas.” Total deforestation by year can be found in the “Deforestation increments—Legal Amazon—Indigenous Areas” bar graph. 6. [↵][19]1. P. Moutinho et al ., “The Amazon in flames: Deforestation and fire during the COVID-19 pandemic” (Tech. Rep. Amazon Environmental Research Institute, 2020). 7. [↵][20]1. C. L. Reddington et al ., Nat. Geosci. 8, 768 (2015). [OpenUrl][21] 8. [↵][22]1. Z. Yongjian, 2. X. Jingu, 3. H. Fengming, 4. C. Liqing , Sci. Total Environ. 727, 138704 (2020). [OpenUrl][23] 9. [↵][24]1. D. Fattorini, 2. F. Regoli , Environ. Pollut. 264, 114732 (2020). [OpenUrl][25] 10. [↵][26]Ministry of Health of Brazil, “Coronavírus Brasil” (2020); <> [in Portuguese]. 11. [↵][27]1. M. Fellows et al ., “They are not numbers: They are lives! COVID-19 threatens Indigenous peoples in the Brazilian Amazon” (Tech. Rep. Amazon Environmental Research Institute, 2020). 12. [↵][28]1. P. Brando et al ., Flora 268, 1 (2020). 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Dressmaker pivots to PPE with help from UNFPA Brazil | United Nations - UN News

Gislene Pereira, 51, is a dressmaker who lives in the outskirts of Brasília. Until COVID-19 struck, she used to make custom shirts for celebrations like birthday parties and uniforms for companies and churches. “All the orders I had were canceled. My whole production was shut down”, she said.

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The Latest: Trump says he's hopeful for fall football season - KTVZ

UNITED NATIONS — U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres is warning that the cordonavirus pandemic not only threatens gains in fighting global poverty and building peace but risks exacerbating existing conflicts and generating new ones. The U.N. chief told a Security Council meeting Wednesday that his March 23 call for an immediate cease-fire in conflicts around the

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ICRC: Essential Workers in Brazil Face High Risk in Coronavirus Fight - Voice of America

Frontline heatlh workers in Brazil are at serious risk of contracting COVID-19 as they carry out essential work, said the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) on Monday. “These professionals are not only saving lives, they are also ensuring essential services continue for everyone, whether it be health care, social services or education. They deserve our full support and solidarity,” said Simone Casabianca-Aeschlimann, the ICRC’s head of delegation for Brazil and the Southern Cone countries.

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Covid-19: Mike Pompeo speaks with counterparts from India, Australia, Brazil, Israel, South Korea - Deccan Herald

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has spoken with his counterparts from five key partners and allies, including External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar, on the collective fight against the coronavirus pandemic, according to his spokesperson. This was Secretary Pompeo's second call with Jaishankar in as many days.

via news.mongabay08/07/2020

Brazilian Amazon protected areas 'in flames' as land-grabbers invade -

In a remote slice of Triunfo do Xingu, deep in Brazil’s northern Pará state, swaths of lush forest have been engulfed by flames in recent days. In another stretch to the north, a patch of untouched jungle has been almost entirely cleared this year. In countless other parts of this vast protected region, the Amazon […]

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Covid-19 roundup: Gates Foundation pours $150M into India's Serum Institute; Pfizer teams with Gilead on remdesivir - Endpoints News

By CEO and scion Adar Poonawalla’s estimation, the Serum Institute in India has already poured hundreds of millions of dollars into scaling up the unproven Covid-19 vaccine being developed by AstraZeneca and Oxford for use in low and middle income countries. It’s meant taking on a risk that other companies,

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People Take Extra Steps to Secure Coronavirus Test in Brazil Hot Spot for Virus - Voice of America

Some people in a Brazil hotspot for the coronavirus are taking extraordinary steps to receive a free coronavirus test in Sao Paulo state, the hardest hit region in the country.  A day after missing her test because the supply ran out, Manuela Souza said, she secured her place in line and slept in the car with her children overnight to make sure she got tested.  The drive-thru tests are being administered by the Butantan Institute for Biological Research.  Juliana Carvalhal, the project manager at Butantan Institute said, their goal is to identify asymptomatic people carrying the virus.  Carvalhal