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via menafn08/10/2020

Total coronavirus cases in Ecuador hit 94459 - MENAFN.COM

The government of Ecuador said on Sunday that the number of coronavirus infected patients in the country has reached 94,459 as the number of deaths stood at 5,922.

The Public Health ministry said that 887 more patients have been diagnosed with the disease and six more have died in the earlier 24 hours, the total number of recoveries increased

via gruntstuff08/09/2020

Ecuador orders cardboard coffins for coronavirus victims left in street - Gruntstuff

Ecuador is rush-ordering 1000’s of cardboard coffins to attempt to deal with coronavirus victims in any other case left rotting in the street, officers say. The nation’s second metropolis, Guayaquil, has began getting a donation of two,000 pressed cardboard caskets from native producers — and is ordering much more to assist overwhelmed native cemeteries, Agence […]

via menafn08/06/2020

Ecuador reports 88866 coronavirus infections - MENAFN.COM

The Ecuadorean government confirmed on Wednesday that the total number of reported infections of coronavirus had increased to 88,866, with 5,847 fatalities.

Moreover, the Ministry of Public Health confirmed that 903 new infections and 39 more fatalities were reported in the last 24 hours.

The southwest province of Guayas has been the most ser

via wbng07/28/2020

Hundreds wait hours for coronavirus care in Ecuador capital - WBNG-TV

QUITO, Ecuador (AP) — Hundreds of people with breathing problems are waiting for hours in long lines in Ecuador’s capital seeking medical attention and tests to determine if they are infected with the new coronavirus. Hospitals and funeral homes have been overwhelmed for weeks in Quito, where city officials have reported 12,747 confirmed cases and

via undp.org07/14/2020

In Latin America, COVID-19 infections surge as virtually every country faces recession - UNDP

Latin America is scrambling to contain surging COVID-19 infections while confronting near-certain recession and related impacts, but polices that prioritize poor and vulnerable people can help mitigate the region’s already extreme poverty and inequality, a new UNDP study finds.

via thestkittsnevisobserver06/15/2020

Coronavirus Continues to Rise in Latin America - The St. Kitts-Nevis Observer

BBC- Coronavirus cases have been rising sharply in many Latin American countries and health authorities there say it’s now the epicentre of the global pandemic. Brazil has had more than 800,000 confirmed cases – the second highest in the world. Other countries in the region, including Mexico, Chile and Peru, are also struggling to contain […]

via finance.yahoo06/08/2020

Adventus and Salazar Announce Pijilí Project Mobilization for Drilling and Recommencement of Exploration Activities In Ecuador - Yahoo Finance

Adventus Mining Corporation ("Adventus") (TSXV: ADZN); (OTCQX: ADVZF) and Salazar Resources Limited ("Salazar") (TSXV: SRL) (together the "Partners") are pleased to announce the mobilization of field crews to the Pijilí project to commence a drilling program on a porphyry

via amnesty.org08/09/2020

Amazonian Indigenous Peoples and COVID-19: 'We're not still waiting for help as we know it'll never arrive' - Amnesty International

The Indigenous Peoples of the Amazon and across the Americas have centuries of experience facing deadly threats. For over 500 years we have faced invasions, the loss of our ancestral lands, ethnic and socioeconomic discrimination that has led to displacement, illnesses, death, and the constant threat of cultural and physical extermination.

via reuters08/09/2020

FACTBOX-Worldwide coronavirus cases cross 19.72 million, death toll at 726,249 - Reuters

More than 19.72 million people have been reported to be infected by the novel coronavirus globally and 726,249​ have died, according to a Reuters tally. Infections have been reported in more than 210 countries and territories since the first cases were identified in China in December 2019. Interactive graphic tracking global spread of coronavirus: open in an external browser. Eikon users can click for a case tracker. The following table lists the top 50 countries by the number of reported cases. A complete list is available with the above links. COUNTRIES AND TOTAL DEATHS CONFIRMED DEATHS PER TERRITORIES CASES 10,000 INHABITANTS United States 162,108 5,014,930 4.96 Brazil 100,477 3,012,412 4.8 India 43,379 2,153,010 0.32 Russia 14,854 882,347 1.03 South Africa 10,210 553,188 1.77 Mexico 52,006 475,902 4.12 Peru 20,844 471,012 6.52 Colombia 12,540 376,870 2.53 Chile 10,011 371,023 5.35 United Kingdom 46,566 340,399 7.01 Spain 28,503 332,216 6.09 Iran 18,264 324,692 2.23 Saudi Arabia 3,093 287,262 0.92 Pakistan 6,082 284,121 0.29 Bangladesh 3,365 255,113 0.21 Italy 35,203 250,103 5.83 Argentina 4,523 241,811 1.02 Turkey 5,829 239,622 0.71 France 30,324 232,678 4.53 Germany 9,167 215,324 1.11 Iraq 5,236 147,389 1.36 Philippines 2,209 126,885 0.21 Indonesia 5,658 123,503 0.21 Canada 8,976 119,222 2.42 Qatar 182 112,650 0.65 Kazakhstan 1,058 98,701 0.58 Egypt 4,992 95,314 0.51 Ecuador 5,916 93,572 3.46 Bolivia 3,587 89,055 3.16 Mainland China 4,634 84,596 0.03 Israel 593 82,342 0.67 Sweden 5,769 82,323 5.67 Oman 509 81,357 1.05 Ukraine 1,879 79,750 0.42 Dominican Republic 1,289 78,778 1.21 Panama 1,609 73,651 3.85 Belgium 9,866 72,784 8.63 Kuwait 474 71,199 1.15 Belarus 585 68,738 0.62 United Arab Emirates 356 62,300 0.37 Romania 2,659 60,623 1.37 Netherlands 6,153 57,987 3.57 Guatemala 2,197 56,189 1.27 Singapore 27 54,930 0.05 Portugal 1,750 52,537 1.7 Poland 1,800 51,167 0.47 Japan 1,055 48,176 0.08 Honduras 1,476 46,973 1.54 Nigeria 936 45,687 0.05 Bahrain 159 43,307 1.01 Source: Reuters tally based on statements from health ministries and government officials Generated at 16:00 GMT. ()

via traveldailynews07/21/2020

Ecuador's national COE authorizes an increase in the ceiling of air frequencies up to 50% - Travel Daily News International

QUITO – On July 17, the National Emergency Operations Committee (COE) authorized the increase of air frequencies in Ecuador from 30% to 50% as of August 1. According to the resolution, the percentage "may not exceed 50% of the frequencies authorized to the airlines in their operating permit, for which purpose, the Ministry of Transport and Public Works is appointed to notify the airlines of the approved percentage”. For the resumption of commercial passenger operations that came into effect on

via worldpoliticsreview07/20/2020

As COVID-19 Ravages Latin America, Demands for Debt Relief Resurface - World Politics Review

As the coronavirus pandemic takes a terrible toll across Latin America, the region is increasingly facing a financial and humanitarian emergency. Pandemic-related spending is straining state finances, with most countries banking on emergency lending and a recovery next year to help them scrape through.

via republicworld06/10/2020

Ecuador: Sangay volcano eruption wraps cities in ash, respiratory issues feared amid COVID - Republic World - Republic World

Stay informed with today’s latest news from India & around the world. Get all the breaking news & current Indian news on politics, sports and entertainment only on Republic World. We provide the most in-depth coverage of top national news with timely breaking of all the recent news on politics, sports & entertainment

via news.mongabay06/05/2020

Triple crisis of pipelines, pesticides and pandemic is an existential threat to Ecuador's indigenous peoples (commentary) -

Ten days after showing his first symptoms, Dannes Piaguaje struggled to breathe as he leaned over a traditional steam remedy in his leaf-thatch jungle home in the Ecuadorian Amazon. The jungle concoction, known as Pi’ko Mëoñe, looks like black tea and is boiling hot — so hot the steam burns the skin on Piaguaje’s face. […]

via menafn08/09/2020

Ecuador reports 93572 infections, 5916 fatalities from coronavirus - MENAFN.COM

The Ministry of Public Health revealed on Saturday that Ecuador confirmed 1,603 new infections and 19 more fatalities from the novel COVID-19 over the last 24 hours, taking the total count of infections to 93,572 and the fatalities to 5,916.

Eighteen out of Ecuador's 24 provinces have reported an upsurge in the infections. The province of Guayas regi

via traveldailynews08/04/2020

Aeromexico reactivates its connectivity with Ecuador - Travel Daily News International

QUITO - Aeromexico resumed operations this Sunday in Quito with an offer of three weekly flights to Mexico City. To celebrate the return of the airline in Ecuador, the Mariscal Sucre International Airport in Quito received the Mexican aircraft with the traditional arch of water. Mexico is a tourist destination par excellence which has a variety of domestic destinations, from pre-Hispanic cities to internationally recognized beaches, such as Cancun, one of the most visited locales in the Mexican southeast; or Yucatan,

via reuters07/21/2020

Ecuador's Amazon tribes turn to tech to track COVID-19 cases - Reuters

BOGOTA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Ecuador's indigenous groups in the Amazon have launched an information dashboard to monitor the coronavirus and identify contagion hotspots as the disease spreads through the rainforest and threatens ancient cultures, a leading rights group said on Tuesday.

via news.yahoo07/17/2020

In Ecuador, families finally recover bodies lost in virus chaos - Yahoo News

For Colon Ramirez, the agonizing search for the body of his grandmother is finally over. After almost four months, he has finally found and buried the missing 83-year-old Emilia Villon, who died in Ecuador's virus hotspot Guayaquil. The remains of his grandmother, together with more than 200 other

via sportsfinding06/24/2020

Unauthorized resumption of soccer in Ecuador on July 17 - Sportsfinding

He Emergency Operations Committee (COE), which directs actions to tackle the coronavirus pandemic in Ecuador, disallowed this Tuesday the resumption of the soccer tournament scheduled for July 17 by the Pro League and the clubs. “By means of the present I comply to remind you, Mr. President, that the beginning of any championship in the […]

via dw06/10/2020

Living Planet: The last uncontacted peoples of Ecuador - Deutsche Welle

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, one group – so invisible to most of us – are some of the world’s most susceptible. These are uncontacted peoples: indigenous groups that still live in isolation. While these people depend on their environments, their environments might just depend on them too. The coronavirus pandemic poses an imminent threat to both.