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via paho.org06/24/2020

Countries should prepare to manage COVID-19 closely for the next 2 years - Pan American Health Organization

Leadership, good data and strong health systems will be key to ensure effective response, PAHO Director says   Washington, D.C., June 24, 2020 (PAHO) – The Director of the Pan American Health Organization, Carissa F. Etienne, said today that “in the absence of effective treatments or a widely available vaccine, we expect that over the next two years the Region of the Americas will experience recurring COVID-19 outbreaks, which may be interspersed with periods of limited transmission.”

via voanews06/07/2020

Netflix to Remove Show That Sparked Outrage Among Haitian Americans - VOA News

Netflix is removing an episode of the History 101 program that says AIDS originated in Haiti. “We have seen the concerns raised and, together with the series creators, have decided to remove the episode while we review the issues involved,” a spokesperson for the online streaming service told VOA via email Saturday. Netflix offers users television shows, movies and documentaries. History 101 is a British TV show produced by ITN productions.

via wmdt05/30/2020

Salisbury Coronavirus Recovery Task Force impact on Haitian community - 47abc - WMDT

SALISBURY, Md. – Some people in Wicomico County say the Salisbury Coronavirus Recovery Task Force has made a significant impact on the Haitian community. Natalie Saint-Phard a member of the task force tells 47ABC the coronavirus pandemic magnified several issues that many Haitians here are facing like not getting enough resources and not being able to find the information they need...

via voanews03/14/2020

Haiti’s First Suspected Coronavirus Case Tests Negative - VOA News

Haiti’s first suspected coronavirus case has tested negative, the country's new prime minister says. Joseph Jouthe held a news conference Friday at his official residence along with the director general of the Ministry of Public Health, Dr. Laure Adrien, to try to calm citizens anxious about the country’s potential first case of the deadly infection. The health official described the tested patient as a female foreigner who had returned to Haiti after traveling to her native country, where coronavirus has spread.

via pbs.org06/13/2020

As cases in Haiti surge, Dr. Pape is on the frontlines again - PBS NewsHour

Dr. Jean William Pape has been on the frontline of Haiti’s ever-changing public health needs, from the early days of the AIDS epidemic to the devastating 2010 earthquake. Now, as the country’s fragile healthcare system confronts a massive uptick in coronavirus cases, Dr. Pape is using that past experience to fight yet another health crisis. NewsHour Weekend’s Ivette Feliciano reports.

via arabnews06/05/2020

In Haiti, disbelief and rumors lead to virus deaths - Arabnews

CITE SOLEIL, Haiti: On paper, Haiti so far has everything it needs to battle the coronavirus crisis — unoccupied hospital beds, medical staff and supplies. But in reality, the population’s skepticism about whether the contagion even exists has led to a quickly mounting death toll. “The illness is real. Many of our citizens are experiencing respiratory symptoms and other

via haitiantimes06/04/2020

Haiti and Dominican Republic Should Coordinate Covid-19 Response - Haitian Times

By Marites Sison  WACC partner Espacio de Comunicacion Insular has urged governments of the Dominican Republic and Haiti to coordinate their responses to the Covid-19 pandemic, saying failure to do so would...

via voanews03/20/2020

Haiti Confirms its First Coronavirus Cases - VOA News

The coronavirus pandemic has now arrived in Haiti. President Jovenel Moise on Thursday confirmed the country’s first two cases of the deadly disease in a national address that was simultaneously streamed live on Facebook. “I want to let the nation know that according to test results we received from the national laboratory this afternoon while we were holding an emergency ministers’ council meeting, we have confirmed the first two cases of coronavirus in the nation,” Moise said. “The government is appealing for calm,” he added. It is unclear who the confirmed cases are.