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via voanews08/12/2020

Italians Enjoy Their Summer While Minding the Virus - Voice of America

Just a few months ago, Italy was seen as an example of how NOT to handle the coronavirus. Now Italians are enjoying their summer and learning to live with the virus even though a few hundred new cases are still being reported every day and more young people are being infected. The country's recovery is underway even though the virus remains a threat. Italians would like to forget March 29 of this year, when the country recorded its highest number of deaths from coronavirus in a single day: 969.

via forbes08/12/2020

Italy US Travel Ban: This Is What Rome Summer Without Americans Looks Like - Forbes

Italy is suffering without the 5.6 million Americans who visit each summer. U.S. visitors alone represent the biggest market after Germans, and the top in terms of tourism spending. Rome is the no. 1 destination, and Americans are being sorely missed by Eternal City tour guides who work with them.

via gzeromedia08/11/2020

The Graphic Truth: The COVID vaccine race - GZERO Media

The global race is on to develop a vaccine against COVID-19. While it usually takes many years to develop and widely distribute vaccines, scientists around the world are now trying to get one ready within an unprecedented time frame: 12-18 months. And while there is some international cooperation in...

via infomigrants.net08/11/2020

Italy: Prosecutors open probe on Treviso migrant center after spike in COVID-19 cases - InfoMigrants

Prosecutors in Treviso are investigating a migrant center in the former military barracks 'Serena di Casier' in the northeastern Veneto city after the number of confirmed coronavirus cases climbed from two to 257 in less than two months. The center's management was accused of failing to separate migrants who had tested positive for the virus from the other guests.

via globapliancenews08/09/2020

Italy: COVID-19 – Review of the Italian Tax Police’s operations during the state of emergency - GlobalComplianceNews

Throughout the COVID-19 emergency, to ensure compliance with the pandemic containment measures and consumer protection, the Italian Tax Police carried out several checks to combat both the illegal marketing of personal protective equipment, and other useful goods for dealing with the epidemiological emergency, and misleading and speculative conduct.

via waow08/07/2020

Big jump in Italy's daily new cases driven by travel - WAOW

ROME (AP) — The number of daily new coronvirus cases in Italy has jumped higher, with 552 confirmed infections on Friday, a roughly 38% jump compared to the previous day. Italy hasn’t seen a such a high daily new caseload since late May. The northeastern region of Veneto registered roughly a third of the new

via it.usembassy.gov08/07/2020

Travel Alert: US Embassy Rome, Italy, August 7, 2020 | US Embassy & Consulates in Italy - US Embassy Rome

The Department of State has issued a Level 3 Travel Advisory for Italy recommending that travelers reconsider (i.e., avoid nonessential) travel to Italy.  In addition, the CDC has issued a Level 3 Health Notice for Italy due to COVID-19 concerns and similarly recommends that travelers avoid all nonessential travel to Italy. The European Union (EU), which includes Italy, currently prohibits ...

via forbes08/12/2020

Ferrari Shrugs Off Coronavirus; Electric Cars, SUVs Could Transform Its Future - Forbes

Some investors think Ferrari might be losing its allure, while others see sales bounding ahead as it rides the electric car wave and SUVs. Ferrari sales could double by 2030 to over 20,000, and double again by 2040 to 40,000. Electric vehicles could account for 3% of sales by 2025 and 50% by 2040.

via infomigrants.net08/12/2020

Italy: Immigration decree ready to 'change hosting' system - InfoMigrants

Italian Interior Minister Luciana Lamorgese has announced that a new draft decree on immigration has been finalized. The proposed legislation changes the hosting system to include asylum seekers as well as those granted international protection, the minister said.

via gvwire08/10/2020

Sweden COVID-19 Death Rate Lower Than Spain, Italy and UK, Despite Never Having Lockdown -

SHARE THIS ARTICLE: Newsweek While novel coronavirus cases have spiked across several parts of Europe, including Spain, France, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands, Sweden—where a countrywide lockdown was never issued—continues to report a downward trend in new cases and new deaths. As of Sunday, the latest death rate in Sweden (deaths per 100,000 people) was […]

via wsiltv08/10/2020

The Latest: China sees drop in new locally transmitted cases - WSIL TV

BEIJING — New locally transmitted cases of coronavirus in China fell to just 14 over the past 24 hours, the National Health Commission reported Monday. The low figure was offset, however, by 35 cases brought into the country by Chinese travelers from overseas arriving in seven different cities and provinces across the country. All the

via globapliancenews08/09/2020

Italy: COVID-19 – European Commission, EMA and FDA agree on new priorities to strengthen their collaboration on medicines - GlobalComplianceNews

On 18-19 June 2020, senior officials from the European Medicines Agency (EMA), the European Commission and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) held a meeting to review their ongoing joint initiatives, discuss strategic priorities for the coming years and identify areas where their collaboration could be strengthened.

via neweurope.eu08/07/2020

An Italian study that could be key to creating a post-pandemic way forward - New Europe

In Italy, which ranks 15th among the countries most affected by COVID-19 according to John Hopkins University with 248.229 confirmed cases, a statistical survey on prevalence of the SARS-COV2 virus was carried out from May 25 to July 15 by Italy’s Ministry of Health and Istat, Italian National Insti

via infomigrants.net08/07/2020

Were migrant rights infringed in Italy because of the coronavirus pandemic? - InfoMigrants

A new report thinks yes. An Italian rights group recently published a report in which it details several infringements of migrant rights during the lockdown and restrictions designed to fight the coronavirus pandemic. It says that deprivations of personal liberty became more numerous during the lockdown and allowed the authorities to "extend the maximum duration of […] restrictive measure[s]."

via arkansasonline08/12/2020

US puts brake on world's recovery - Arkansas Online

FRANKFURT, Germany -- People in China are back to buying German luxury cars. Europe's assembly lines are accelerating. Now the global economy is waiting for the United States to get its coronavirus outbreak under control and boost the recovery, but there's little sign of that.

via hrw.org08/11/2020

A Step Forward for Abortion Rights in Italy - Human Rights Watch

Italy will soon make a long-awaited and important move towards women and girls’ ability to exercise their reproductive rights. Minister of Health Roberto Speranza announced last weekend on social media revisions to outdated national guidance, which will ease restrictions on medical abortion.

via msn08/10/2020

How Italy turned the Covid-19 disaster around - MSN Money

A horrifying moment in the Covid-19 pandemic hit Italy on March 27, 2020, when the civil protection authorities announced that 969 people had died in just 24 hours. In the weeks before that, images of coffins stacked up in church parlors and being driven down the streets of the northern Italian town of Bergamo in a caravan of military trucks poured into the homes of Italians, by then locked down for nearly three weeks.

via wsiltv08/09/2020

The Latest: School from crowd photo shifts to online classes - WSIL TV

DALLAS, Ga. — A Georgia high school plans to start the week with all classes shifting online after nine students and staff tested positive for the coronavirus when the school year opened last week with most students attending in-person. North Paulding High School made headlines soon after students returned to school Aug. 3 when photos

via wsiltv08/08/2020

The Latest: Trump bypasses Congress with virus-relief orders - WSIL TV

BEDMINSTER, N.J. — President Donald Trump has signed executive orders bypassing Congress to defer payroll taxes for some Americans and extend unemployment benefits after negotiations on a new coronavirus rescue package collapsed. Trump accused Democrats of loading up their rescue bill with priorities unrelated to the coronavirus. “We’ve had it,” he said Saturday at a

via schengenvisainfo08/07/2020

Italy Threatens to Ban Ryanair for Violation of COVID-19 Measures -

Italian’s Civil Aviation Authority “ENAC” has threatened to ban Dublin’s airline Ryanair from flying to Italy due to “repeated violation of anti-COVID-19 health measures”, ENAC announced. According to the country’s Civil Aviation Authority, Ryanair did not correctly follow the rules imposed by the Italian government to tackle the pandemic Coronavirus, reports. However, Ryanair has […]