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via conservation.org04/13/2021

When COVID flattened tourism, carbon credits kept these African hills 'green' - Conservation International

The pandemic cratered ecotourism in Africa last year, depriving local communities of life-sustaining revenues. However, the people of Chyulu Hills in southeast Kenya were able to tell a different story — and make a number of other investments in their own long-term food security, health and well-being. Here's how.


Muslims prepare to observe Ramadhan amid COVID-19 restrictions - Kenya Broadcasting Corporation

The ongoing lockdown and COVID-19 preventive protocols will for the second year running affect celebrations during the holy month of Ramadhan. Muslims are preparing to usher in the holy month of Ramadhan this week in accordance with the Islamic calendar (lunar calendar), but just like last year, celebrations will be curtailed by the 3rd wave […]

via voanews04/09/2021

Fate of Thousands of Refugees in Kenya Remains Uncertain - Voice of America

The fate of hundreds of thousands of refugees in Kenya hangs in the balance as U.N. officials try to dissuade Kenyan authorities from closing two camps that many have called home for the past three decades.  The Kenyan government announced its intention to close the Dadaab and Kakuma refugee camps on March 24. It gave the U.N. refugee agency two weeks to come up with a road map for relocating the 430,000 residents of the two sprawling camps. Most come from Somalia. That deadline was up Thursday.  However, the refugees and the UNHCR have been given a last-minute reprieve.

via voanews04/09/2021

Kenya Court Suspends Move to Close 2 Refugee Camps - Voice of America

Kenya's high court on Thursday suspended the government move to shut down two camps that hold hundreds of thousands of refugees from war-torn neighboring countries. Justice Antony Mrima issued the temporary order, which will run for 30 days, after former presidential aspirant Peter Gichira filed a legal challenge seeking to block closure of the two camps. Kenya's interior ministry had given the U.N.

via wionews04/03/2021

IMF approves $2.3 billion aid package for Kenya amid coronavirus crisis - WION

Considering a hard year that Kenya has had due to the existing financial constraints and the added pressure of the coronavirus pandemic, the IMF has approved a $2.34 billion aid package for the country. The IMF believes this aid package “address the urgent need to reduce debt vulnerabilities”. The funds will be divided over a period of 38 months, starting with an immediate disbursement of nearly $307.5 million “usable for budget support”.


Kenya shares its census technology with other African countries - Kenya Broadcasting Corporation

President Uhuru Kenyatta Thursday presented 45,000 Kenyan made gadgets to Botswana, South Sudan, Mauritius, Sierra Leone and Namibia to help them undertake their census. Speaking at State House, Nairobi during the handing over of the donated gadgets, President Kenyatta said Kenya is ready to share its expertise in ICTs with other African countries in the […]

via securitymagazine03/31/2021

Bamburi Cement in Kenya implements guarding and technology to boost security - Security Magazine

Bamburi Cement, based in Kenya, is the largest manufacturer of cement in Eastern Africa, producing around 5,000 tons every day. Its operations are vast, with two mega plants located in Mombasa and Athi River that run 24/7. Each plant fills 300 trucks with cement on an average day, creating a formidable logistical operation. With the 'round the clock operations and high capacity of traffic coming in and out of the locations, providing security at these vast sites presents its own challenge. While the company knew it needed . . .


Why Kenya and UK must cultivate trade relations in the wake of COVID-19 - Kenya Broadcasting Corporation

For over a century, Kenya and the United Kingdom have enjoyed strong ties hinged on trust, enhanced cooperation and mutual benefit across key sectors among them trade, tourism, security, health and education. The UK views Kenya as a strategic partner due to her wealth of agricultural materials, booming services sector and for being a gateway […]

via daijiworld04/11/2021

UNHCR proposes new resettlement plan for refugees in Kenyan camps -

Nairobi, Apr 11 (IANS): The United Nations refugee agency said it has shared with Kenya a proposed set of sustainable and rights-based measures aimed at identifying solutions for refugees living in camps in Kenya. The Dadaab and Kakuma refugee camps, located in Kenya, host some 430,000 refugees and asylum-seekers of m.....

via daijiworld04/09/2021

Kenya sets up Covid-19 vaccine safety monitoring board -

Nairobi, Apr 9 (IANS): Kenya announced the formation of an independent Covid-19 vaccine safety monitoring board amid surging public acceptance for inoculation against the virus. Willis Akhwale, chairman of the national taskforce on vaccination, said on Wednesday that the board will respond to potential side effects .....

via bloombergquint04/07/2021

Kenya Plans $12.4 Billion External Loans by June 2022, IMF Says - BloombergQuint

(Bloomberg) -- Kenya plans to borrow $12.4 billion between now and June 2022 from foreign sources, the International Monetary Fund said in a report detailing terms and conditions of a separate $2.34 billion financing package approved by its board last week. The amount includes $7.

via voanews04/02/2021

Kenya's Tourism Sector Takes Another COVID Lockdown Hit - Voice of America

Kenya's tourism sector is taking another hit after a fresh lockdown announced last week for Nairobi and four surrounding counties because of a record surge in coronavirus infections.  Victoria Amunga in Nairobi looks at Kenya's important tourism industry and how tour companies are struggling to survive. Camera: Robert Lutta.

via factcheck.afp04/01/2021

Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine are not proven Covid-19 treatments - AFP Factcheck

Two videos shared hundreds of times on Facebook feature a Kenyan doctor alleging that two drugs -- ivermectin on its own and hydroxychloroquine in combination with zinc and azithromycin -- are effective in treating Covid-19. But the claims are false: there is no scientific evidence that either medication can help treat the disease caused by the novel coronavirus.

via voanews04/10/2021

To Encourage Handwashing, Kenyan Charity Makes Vegetable Soap for the Poor - Voice of America

In the Soweto slum of Nairobi, volunteers are making soap from vegetables. The goal is to provide soap for residents to wash their hands and prevent the spread of COVID-19. About 86% of Kenyans find it hard to access soap and running water each day, according to a UNICEF report last year. That includes most of Soweto’s more than 70,000 residents, among them Peter Maina. "Right now, the economy is high," Peter said. "The little I get is for feeding the family.

via wionews04/09/2021

Kenya starts vaccinating Olympic athletes - WION

Kenya on Thursday started vaccinating its Olympic athletes against Covid-19, paving the way to compete in the Tokyo Games. All the 75 athletes in the Olympic team bubble at Nairobi's Kasarani stadium were vaccinated on Thursday, in an exercise which will also cover the Paralympic teams, rugby sevens and the officials working with Kenya Safari Rally preparations.

via dw04/08/2021

AfricaLink on Air - 08 April 2021 | News and current affairs from Germany and around the world - Deutsche Welle

Chad braces for elections +++ Kenya wants United Nations agency to shut down refugee camps after 14-day ultimatum ends +++South Sudan: Lecturers and soldiers turn to brick-laying and boda-boda (taxi motorcycles) to earn a living +++Rwandan genocide survivors speak out on trauma and hard times amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

via rescue.org04/07/2021

As wealthy countries look toward a return to normalcy, many impacted by conflict and crisis are experiencing significant increases in COVID-19 cases and deaths with little hope for a vaccine this year - International Rescue Committee

A new analysis from the International Rescue Committee (IRC) finds that COVID-19 cases and deaths have increased significantly across many conflict and crisis-affected countries over the past month. Kenya, Venezuela, Yemen, Ethiopia, and northeast Syria saw average daily case increases of 322%, 91%, 379%, 289%, and 529% respectively between early and late March.[1] The spread

via voanews04/02/2021

Kenya's Plan to Close Two Camps Worries Refugees - Voice of America

The Kenya Interior Ministry's announcement last week of its intention to close two major camps has increased uncertainty for hundreds of thousands of refugees, leaving many of them distraught. "I am not ready to be repatriated to Somalia," fretted Muslima Abdullahi, an 80-year-old woman living in Hagadera, part of the Dadaab refugee complex in northeastern Kenya.    "I have nine orphaned children here," she added. Years ago, terrified by insecurity, she left her homeland and she's wary of returning now. "My house has been taken. I have no property or livestock. I don't have a job ahead of me.

via voanews03/31/2021

Traveling Kenyan Music Producer Gives Hope to Rural Artists - Voice of America

A Kenyan music producer is taking his work to remote villages to record up-and-coming artists on location to offer something new and different for Kenya’s competitive music industry. Producer Presta George imagined how difficult it must be for village artists to get their songs on the radio, let alone become famous. And that’s where George found his calling - in the southwest town of Awendo. But the town of 16,000 people is not where he does most of his recordings. "I though it wise to bring these studios to the local people, so that at least they can compete, or they can sell their products