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via everettpost09/15/2020

Coronavirus news: US reports over 34000 new cases as hotspots reemerge in Northeast - Everett Post

By MORGAN WINSOR, ABC News (NEW YORK) — A pandemic of the novel coronavirus has now killed more than 928,000 people worldwide. Over 29.2 million people across the globe have been diagnosed with COVID-19, the disease caused by the new respiratory virus, according to data […]

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Boat capsizes near Libya, 2 dozen migrants presumed dead - Arab News

CAIRO: The UN migration agency said Tuesday that a boat carrying migrants bound for Europe capsized in the Mediterranean Sea off Libya, leaving at least two dozen people drowned or missing and presumed dead, the latest shipwreck off the North African country. Safa Msehli, a spokesperson for the International Organization for Migration, told The Associated Press that Libya’s

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Reuters Health News Summary - Devdiscourse

Israel to lock down nationwide in main holiday season amid COVID-19 surge Israel will enter a three-week nationwide lockdown starting on Friday to contain the spread of the coronavirus after a second- wave surge of new cases, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday.

via libyaobserver.ly09/13/2020

Hay Al-Andalus municipality puts off civil disobedience - The Libya Observer

The municipal council of Hay Al-Andalus said it would delay civil disobedience and strike at state institutions for 48 hours after receiving promises from the Government of National Accord to satisfy the council's demands. "The GNA contacted the municipal council and promised to resolve the problems the residents are facing such as long-hour power cuts and terrible handling of

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UN adopts coronavirus response resolution; US votes against it - WION

The United States voted against a UN resolution for a "comprehensive and coordinated response" to the COVID-19 pandemic, a text that included recognition of the WHO's leadership role, on Friday. The country was supported only by Israel. The measure, which has been negotiated since May, was consequently adopted by an overwhelming majority of 169 countries out of 193, with Ukraine and Hungary abstaining. The text is called an omnibus resolution because it covers multiple aspects of the pandemic.

via news.yahoo09/10/2020

Rights group: Libya militias used machine guns on protesters - Yahoo News

A prominent human rights organization on Thursday accused Libyan armed groups linked to the Tripoli-based government of using heavy weapons to disperse anti-corruption rallies last month in the capital and of detaining, torturing and forcibly disappearing protesters. Human Rights Watch said the militias

via libyaobserver.ly09/09/2020

Tribute paid to the recovery of 65 medical personnel from the Coronavirus - The Libya Observer

Subsequent to the recovery of 65 medical personnel from the Coronavirus and their return to work in the city of Misrata, the Ministry of Health applauded them in appreciation of their significant efforts and suffering. The Ministry of Health honoured the medical staff at the headquarters of the Misrata Medical Center where they were awarded certificates of appreciation and

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USA donates two million dollars to UNICEF to help combat the Coronavirus pandemic in Libya - The Libya Observer

The United States of America announced that it has granted a further two million dollars to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), in an attempt to address the emerging Coronavirus pandemic in Libya. For its part, UNICEF announced on its website, that it would be targeting those most vulnerable within the population, to include migrants, refugees, internally displaced

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U.N. chief to push pandemic ceasefire at world leaders meeting, but fears opportunities lost - Reuters

U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres will use his annual address to world leaders next week to push for a global ceasefire until the end of 2020 so countries can fight the coronavirus pandemic, but he said opportunities will be lost because presidents and prime ministers...

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Health News Roundup: U.S. CDC reports 192,388 deaths from coronavirus; Australia's Victoria takes small step in easing virus restrictions and more - Devdiscourse

U.S. CDC reports 192,388 deaths from coronavirus The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Saturday reported 6,427,058 cases of the new coronavirus, an increase of 46,045 cases from its previous count, and said the number of deaths had risen by 1,035 to 192,388.

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$4bn to produce coronavirus vaccine in Africa - Arab News

CAIRO: The Egyptian government has said it is necessary to unite African efforts to confront the coronavirus and limit its health, social and economic effects on the continent’s people. Mohamed Maait, the Egyptian Minister of Finance and chairman of the General Assembly of the African Export-Import Bank, backed the bank’s view on the need for African countries to cooperate in

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Libya CDC holds lecture on infection control inside mosques - The Libya Observer

The National Center for Disease Control of Souk Al Jumaa branch has organized a lecture on infection control and how to prevent the coronavirus spread inside mosques. The lecture is part of the center's campaign to educate and raise awareness among citizens on how to manage the spread of the Covid-19 and stay safe, the National Center for Disease Control explains. The lecture,

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Rights group: Libya militias used machine guns on protesters - San Francisco Chronicle

CAIRO (AP) — A prominent human rights organization Thursday accused Libyan armed groups linked to the Tripoli-based government of using heavy weapons to disperse anti-corruption rallies last month in the capital and of detaining, torturing and forcibly disappearing protesters. Between Aug. 23-29, Libyan militias used machine guns and vehicle-mounted anti-aircraft guns against protesters, allegedly killing one and wounding others, a statement from Human Rights Watch said. At least 24 people, including a local reporter, were detained and beaten, it said. “Political divisions and security concerns do not justify armed groups coming at protesters with machine guns and anti-aircraft weapons to intimidate them and disperse protests,” said Hanan Salah, senior Libya researcher for HRW. “Tripoli authorities should investigate and publicly disclose the names of the armed groups and commanders who failed to comply with basic policing standards and hold them to account.” A government spokesman could not immediately be reached for comment Thursday. Last month, hundreds of Libyans took to the streets of Tripoli and other cities that fall under the control of the U.N.-supported government of Prime Minister Fayez Sarraj to protest deteriorating economic conditions. At the time, Interior Minister Fathi Bashaga acknowledged that a militia group, which he did not name, had fired live ammunition at peaceful protesters and that an investigation was underway. Subsequently, Sarraj briefly relieved Bashaga of his duties for questioning. Earlier, Sarraj had said in a televised speech that protesters did not have a permit to gather and announced a 24-hour curfew to fight the coronavirus pandemic, a move that protesters believed was meant to keep them from rallying. The New York-based rights group named three militias with ties to...

via who.int09/09/2020

COVID-19 could reverse decades of progress toward eliminating preventable child deaths, agencies warn - World Health Organization

With the number of under-five deaths at an all-time recorded low of 5.2 million in 2019, disruptions in child and maternal health services due to the COVID-19 pandemic are putting millions of additional lives at stake NEW YORK/ GENEVA, 9 September 2020– The number of global under-five deaths dropped to its lowest point on record in 2019 – down to 5.2 million from 12.5 million in 1990, according to new mortality estimates released by UNICEF, the World Health Organization (WHO), the Population Division of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs and the World Bank Group. Since then, however, surveys by UNICEF and WHO reveal that the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in major disruptions to health services that threaten to undo decades of hard-won progress. “The global community has come too far towards eliminating preventable child deaths to allow the COVID-19 pandemic to stop us in our tracks,” said Henrietta Fore, UNICEF Executive Director. “When children are denied access to health services because the system is overrun, and when women are afraid to give birth at the hospital for fear of infection, they, too, may become casualties of COVID-19. Without urgent investments to re-start disrupted health systems and services, millions of children under five, especially newborns, could die.” Over the past 30 years, health services to prevent or treat causes of child death such as preterm, low birthweight, complications during birth, neonatal sepsis, pneumonia, diarrhea and malaria, as well as vaccination, have played a large role in saving millions of lives. Now countries worldwide are experiencing disruptions in child and maternal health services, such as health checkups, vaccinations and prenatal and post-natal care, due to resource constraints and a general uneasiness with using health services due to a fear of getting COVID-19. A UNICEF survey conducted over the summer across 77 countries found that almost 68 per cent of countries reported at least some disruption in health checks for children and immunization services. In addition, 63 per cent of countries reported disruptions in antenatal checkups and 59 per cent in post-natal care. A recent WHO survey based on responses from 105 countries revealed that 52 per cent of countries reported disruptions in health services for sick children and 51 per cent in services for management of malnutrition. Health interventions such as these are critical for stopping preventable newborn and child deaths. For example, women who receive care by professional midwives trained according  to internationals standards are 16 per cent less likely to lose their baby and 24 per cent less likely to experience pre-term birth, according to WHO. "The fact that today more children live to see their first birthday than any time in history is a true mark of what can be achieved when the world puts health and well-being at the centre of our response,” said Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO Director-General. “Now, we must not let the COVID-19 pandemic turn back remarkable progress for our children and future generations. Rather, it’s time to use what we know works to save lives, and keep investing in stronger, resilient health systems.” Based on the responses from countries that participated in the UNICEF and WHO surveys, the most commonly cited reasons for health service disruptions included parents avoiding health centers for fear of infection; transport restrictions; suspension or closure of services and facilities; fewer healthcare workers due to diversions or fear of infection due to shortages in personal protective equipment such as masks and gloves; and greater financial difficulties. Afghanistan, Bolivia, Cameroon, the Central African Republic, Libya, Madagascar, Pakistan, Sudan and Yemen are among the hardest hit countries. Seven of the nine countries had high child mortality rates of more than 50 deaths per 1000 live births among children under five in 2019. In Afghanistan, where 1 in 17 children died before reaching age 5 in 2019, the Ministry of Health reported a significant reduction in visits to health facilities. Out of fear of contracting the COVID-19 virus, families are de-prioritizing pre- and post-natal care, adding to the risk faced by pregnant women and newborn babies. Even before COVID-19, newborns were at highest risk of death. In 2019, a newborn baby died every 13 seconds. Moreover, 47 per cent of all under-five deaths occurred in the neonatal period, up from 40 per cent in 1990. With severe disruptions in essential health services, newborn babies could be at much higher risk of dying. For example, in Cameroon, where 1 out of every 38 newborns died in 2019, the UNICEF survey reported an estimated 75 per cent disruptions in services for essential newborn care, antenatal check-ups, obstetric care and post-natal care. In May, initial modelling by Johns Hopkins University showed that almost 6,000 additional children could die per day due to disruptions due to COVID-19. These reports and surveys highlight the need for urgent action to restore and improve childbirth services and antenatal and postnatal care for mothers and babies, including having skilled health workers to care for them at birth. Working with parents to assuage their fears and reassure them is also important. “The COVID-19 pandemic has put years of global progress to end preventable child deaths in serious jeopardy,” said Muhammad Ali Pate, Global Director for Health, Nutrition and Population at the World Bank. “It is essential to protect life-saving services which have been key to reducing child mortality. We will continue to work with governments and partners to reinforce healthcare systems to ensure mothers and children get the services they need.” "The new report demonstrates the ongoing progress worldwide in reducing child mortality,” said John Wilmoth, Director of the Population Division of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs. “While the report highlights the negative effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on interventions that are critical for children’s health, it also draws attention to the need to redress the vast inequities in a child's prospects for survival and good health.” ###### Download photos, b-roll, the full child mortality estimates report and data files here.  For the UNICEF survey on disruptions due to COVID-19, click here. These links will go live after 00.01 GMT 9 September. Main report landing page: Narrative page About UN IGME The United Nations Inter-agency Group for Child Mortality Estimation or UN IGME was formed in 2004 to share data on child mortality, improve methods for child mortality estimation, report on progress towards child survival goals and enhance country capacity to produce timely and properly assessed estimates of child mortality. UN IGME is led by UNICEF and includes the World Health Organization, the World Bank Group and the United Nations Population Division of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs. For more information visit: For more information, please contact:Sabrina Sidhu, UNICEF New York, +1 917 4761537,   Fadéla Chaib, WHO Geneva, +41 79 475 5556, Bela Hovy, Population Division, UN/DESA, + 1 914 602 3370, hovy@un.orgAlexandra Humme, World Bank Washington DC, +12024585511,

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Coronavirus - Libya: UNICEF in cooperation with NCDC targeted 1200 persons including 600 children -

Download logoUNICEF in cooperation with NCDC targeted 1200 persons including 600 children with accurate information on COVID-19 preventive measures. In addition to best hand hygiene practices — IEC awareness posters were placed in the two camps.Distributed by APO Group on behalf of United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

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Armenia values Egypt's role in bringing peace to Libya: Foreign Minister Mnatsakanyan - MENAFN.COM

Armenia's Minister of Foreign Affairs Zohrab Mnatsakanyan has said that his country 'values Egypt's role in bringing peace to the region, especially in Libya.'

Mnatsakanyan's remarks came during a press conference on Sunday, held in conjunction with Egypt's Minister of Foreign Affairs Sameh Shoukry.

The Armenian minister added that Turkey has

via cnbcafrica09/13/2020

Coronavirus - Libya: Over one million people, including children, women, social workers and care givers to benefit from the additional funding toward the multi-sectoral preparedness and response to the COVID-19 pandemic in Libya -

Download logoThe Government of the United States of America, through the Bureau of Humanitarian Assistance has approved additional funding of US$ 2 million toward UNICEF’s multi-sectoral preparedness and response to the COVID-19 pandemic in Libya, which aims to contribute to the reduction of human-to-human transmission and to mitigating the impact of the pandemic on children, adolescents and youth, and their parents. UNICEF’s interventions target the most vulnerable populations, incl

via libyaobserver.ly09/12/2020

Libya registers 12.000 recovered Covid-19 cases after adopting new protocol - The Libya Observer

The Libyan National Center for Disease Control has announced the recovery of 12.000 Covid-19 cases after adopting the new recovery protocol, thus leaving the country with 9.894 active cases. The new protocol of the scientific commission of the center contained the description of several cases, especially those with apprant symptoms, who should be called "recovered cases" after

via arabnews09/11/2020

Egypt's El-Sisi and France's Macron discuss Libya in phone call - Arab News

LONDON: Egypt’s president received a call from French president Emmanuel Macron during which they discussed regional issues, the spokesman of the Egyptian presidency reported on Friday. Abdel Fattah El-Sisi and Macron discussed talks between rival Libyan administrations that took place in Morocco this week. The two presidents said they support a political solution to the

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