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via nltimes.nl01/19/2021

Netherlands vaccinated 77000 against Covid through Sunday - NL Times

The Netherlands vaccinated 77 thousand people against Covid-19 during the first 11 days vaccines were available in the country, equivalent to 0.44 percent of the population, data from the RIVM showed. That was second to last in the European Union, above Bulgaria, according to early data from the University of Oxford.

via nltimes.nl01/17/2021

Dutch virologist heads to Wuhan for WHO-study on coronavirus origin - NL Times

Dutch virologist Marion Koopmans landed in the Chinese city of Wuhan on Thursday. She forms part of an international team of 12 experts who will be studying the origin of the coronavirus on behalf of the World Health Organization. The researchers were tested for the coronavirus upon their arrival and will have to spend two weeks in quarantine, CGTN, reports. Afterward, the team will have two to three weeks to investigate the origin of the coronavirus together with their Chinese colleagues.

via voanews01/12/2021

Netherlands PM Extends COVID-19 Lockdown to February 9 - Voice of America

Netherlands Prime Minister Mark Rutte announced Tuesday the government is extending its COVID-19 restrictions by three weeks, to February 9, expressing concern about the new so-called “British variant” of the virus.  At a televised news conference in The Hague, Rutte said he was certain the news was no surprise and that most people would understand there was no choice but to extend the pandemic-related restrictions, which had been scheduled to expire January 19.

via nltimes.nl01/12/2021

Tenth of Dutch won't vote in parliamentary election over Covid concerns - NL Times

About 10 percent of Dutch voters say they will not go to the polls for the parliamentary election in March if the coronavirus situation is the same as it is now. They worry about becoming infected, newspaper AD reports based on a poll by Maurice de Hond of Of those who voted in the 2017 parliamentary elections, 10 percent said that they will "definitely not" or "probably not" go to the polls this year due to possible risk of coronavirus contamination. Women and the elderly are more hesitant than men and young people.

via caribbeannationalweekly01/07/2021

British Actress Zara Holland Fined $12000 for Breaching COVID Protocols in Barbados -

British actress Zara Holland has been fined BBD $12,000 (£4,415) by a court in Barbados after breaching COVID-19 quarantine rules over Christmas. The former Love Island star was apprehended at the airport on 29 December, after leaving a hotel, where she was ordered to stay, without permission. The breach of the rules can carry a […]

via news.yahoo01/06/2021

Nurse first in Netherlands to get COVID shot - Yahoo News

Sanna Elkadiri, a 39-year-old who cares for dementia patients at a care home in the south of the country, received a shot of the vaccine developed by Pfizer and BioNTech on live television. Public anger swelled over the weekend and opinion polls showed support for the government waning after it became apparent the Netherlands was last among major European countries to begin vaccinations.

via nltimes.nl01/04/2021

Most Dutch regions to begin Covid vaccinations days earlier than planned - NL Times

In 22 of the 25 regions, the vaccination of healthcare workers will begin ahead of schedule. The injections will be made available throughout the country by January 15, three days earlier than planned.  In Hart voor Brabant, Rotterdam, and Utrecht, the process will begin on January 8. Amsterdam, Drenthe, and Haaglanden will follow on January 11, a week earlier than planned. The remaining 20 locations will open on the 15th instead of the 18th.

via nltimes.nl01/19/2021

10% of Dutch coronavirus infections last week tied to B117 mutation - NL Times

Some 38,776 people in the Netherlands tested positive for the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus for the week ending Tuesday morning, the RIVM said in its weekly analysis. It said that despite a near 22 percent drop in infections, and a further decrease in the rate of people testing positive, the agency was increasingly concerned about the rise of the B117 coronavirus mutation.

via voanews01/13/2021

Netherlands Begins Mass Testing to Isolate COVID-19 Variant - Voice of America

Dutch authorities began a mass testing program Wednesday in a coastal town after 30 cases of the new, more easily transmissible strain of COVID-19 was discovered at a grade school.  Authorities set up a testing center in a sports hall in Bergschenhoek, part of the municipality of Lansingerland, near the port city of Rotterdam.

via ctvnews.ca01/09/2021

They stayed the blazes home: Why East Coast politicians avoided COVID travel scandal - CTV News

While much of the rest of Canada was consumed with stories about politicians ignoring pandemic protocols and jetting south to sunny climes, Atlantic Canadians this week were puzzling over a tepid scandal involving a New Brunswick cabinet minister who drove to Nova Scotia.

via centraljersey01/07/2021

COVID-19 vaccinations bring hope to long-term residents, staff at Reformed Church Home -

OLD BRIDGE – Residents and staff members at Reformed Church Home (RCH) in Old Bridge received the first dose of the two-dose Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine on Jan. 5, just three weeks after the vaccine became available in New Jersey. Evelyn Arndt, who celebrated her 104th birthday on Dec. 25, was one of the first recipients […]

via voanews01/06/2021

Netherlands Begins Coronavirus Vaccinations - Voice of America

The Netherlands delivered its first coronavirus vaccine dose Wednesday to a care home nurse, nearly two weeks after other European Union nations began inoculations.   A shot of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine was given live on television to nurse Sanna Elkadiri, the first recipient at a mass vaccination center in Veghel, 120 kilometers southeast of Amsterdam.   Afterwards, Elkadiri told an interviewer, "This is a very important moment for me as a person who works in the care sector. You want to provide the care knowing that your clients are safe.

via nltimes.nl01/06/2021

Dutch Covid vaccination plan too slow; Help needed, trade union says - NL Times

The Netherlands' vaccination plan against the coronavirus is too slow and the capacity to give the injections is much too low, according to trade union CNV. This puts the Netherlands at "great risk" that not everyone will be vaccinated by the end of the year, the trade union said, NOS reports.

via nltimes.nl01/01/2021

Substantial drop in coronavirus infections as fewer people get tested - NL Times

Another 8,215 people in the Netherlands tested positive for an infection of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, public health agency RIVM said on Friday. The new figure shifted the seven-day moving average to 8,777, the lowest that number has been since December 15 when he government put the country into a new lockdown. Friday’s total was 29 percent lower than a week ago, and was about 15 percent down from Thursday’s tally. That was not necessarily something to celebrate, a spokesperson for the RIVM told

via easternshorepost01/13/2021

Holland Reports 15 Active COVID-19 Cases in Accomack Schools -

Staff Report — Accomack Superintendent W.C. “Chris” Holland released information about current COVID-19 cases in Accomack County Public Schools. There are 15 active cases. Twelve students have tested positive for COVID-19: Arcadia High School 1 Chincoteague Combined 1 Kegotank Elementary School 3 Nandua Middle School 2 Nandua High School 5 Total Students: 12 Three staff […]

via nltimes.nl01/12/2021

Dutch gov't considering curfew in fight against Covid: report - NL Times

The Dutch government is working on introducing a curfew, RTL Nieuws reports based on sources who saw the cabinet's draft plans. A curfew will prevent people from visiting each other in the evening, which can help prevent new coronavirus infections - a main goal, especially with the highly contagious B117 strain popping up in the Netherlands.

via nltimes.nl01/08/2021

Netherlands to get another 11.5 million doses of Pfizer Covid vaccine - NL Times

The European Union ordered another 300 million doses of the Pfizer/BioNTech coronavirus vaccine. As the Netherlands is entitled to 3.89 percent of the EU order, our country is getting another 11.67 million doses.  Ursula von der Leyen, president of the European Commission, said that 75 million of the newly ordered doses will be delivered in the second quarter of this year. The rest will follow later.

via nltimes.nl01/07/2021

Netherlands reports sharp 36% jump in coronavirus infections - NL Times

Another 9,737 people in the Netherlands tested positive for the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus infection, data from Dutch public health agency RIVM showed. That figure was 36 percent higher than on Wednesday, and less than one percent more than New Year's Eve exactly one week ago. The total released on Thursday was the highest since Boxing Day, and snapped a 15-day streak where the moving daily average number of infections fell. It was also the first time in six days that the number of new infections was higher than the rolling average, which stood at 7,749.

via nltimes.nl01/06/2021

UK Coronavirus mutation B117 found 50 times in the Netherlands - NL Times

Public health agency RIVM said that about 50 people in the Netherlands have been infected with the B117 variant of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, up from 11 last week. The mutation, which was first discovered in the United Kingdom, is believed to be at least 55 percent more contagious than the strain more common to the Netherlands. “The new coronavirus variant has been found in six people across the country who have recently been to the UK,” the RIVM said in a statement.

via popculture01/05/2021

'Love Island' Star Zara Holland, COVID-19-Positive Boyfriend Allegedly Ditched Quarantine, Tried to Board Plane -

Zara Holland, a model who starred on Love Island in 2016 and was crowned Miss Great Britain in 2015, was detained in Barbados for allegedly trying to board a plane out of the country with her boyfriend, Elliot Love, after he tested positive for the coronavirus. Holland, 25, and Love allegedly [...]