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via business-standard12/16/2020

Panama govt approves emergency use of Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus vaccine - Business Standard

Read more about Panama govt approves emergency use of Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus vaccine on Business-standard. Panama's government has approved the emergency use of the vaccine produced by US company Pfizer and German company BioNTech. The delivery of the first batch is expected in the first quarter of 2021

via wjhg12/14/2020

Bay District elementary school to close for rest of week due to high number of students quarantining - WJHG

Bay District Schools announced Monday it made the decision to close Southport Elementary School after consulting with the Florida Department of Health and Florida Department of Education. Officials say the number of students quarantining for post-Thanksgivng Break COVID-19 exposure is rising.

via mnrepublic12/12/2020

Travel During COVID-19 - Kent Kaiser

As the world is at war with COVID-19, travel still does not stop. While some countries have gone as far as placing “travel bans,” they have ironically proven to encourage more travel if the bans are only applicable to certain countries. Most of Europe has currently placed a travel ban on the United States, but...

via menafn12/11/2020

Panama- Covid-19 cases rebound 22% - MENAFN.COM

Active cases of   Covid -19 1increased by 21.6% during the rebound seen since last month.

On November 10 there were 18 ,778 active cases in Panama, while on December 9, the number of active cases increased to 22, 843.

The Ministry of Health (Minsa) is committed to increasing the number of daily tests and for this it plans to install

via cnn12/09/2020

North Carolina reports record number of Covid-19 hospitalizations - CNN

The number of people hospitalized in North Carolina has set another record with 2,373 total hospitalizations recorded on Monday, according to data released by the state's health department. This marks the highest number of hospitalizations since the start of the pandemic.

via menafn12/04/2020

Panama- Call for seasonal restraint as virus cases zoom - MENAFN.COM

The indicators of Covid-19 have soared alarmingly, despite strong calls to the population to be judicious, sensible, and careful in the prophylaxis measures that must be kept to avoid the spread of this disease. Faced with this scenario, the Government is studying new movement limitations, especially in these end-of-year festivities, which - judging by

via paho.org12/02/2020

Countries urged to face challenge of better access to health for populations of African descent in COVID-19 pandemic - PAHO/WHO - Pan American Health Organization

Washington, D.C., December 2, 2020 (PAHO)—The COVID-19 pandemic “disproportionally affects the most vulnerable – especially our populations of African descent” and PAHO Director Carissa F. Etienne today urged health authorities to “face this pressing challenge.” In a press briefing, Etienne said, “We’re taking this issue as a priority and mainstreaming it into our programs,” focusing on better data for targeted prevention and care, greater participation in health programs that address communities of African descent, and improved access to health services.

via menafn12/14/2020

Panama- Health Minister urges use of face shields on public transport - MENAFN.COM

The additional use of face shields as a complementary barrier to avoid the contagion of Covid-19 in public transport, as well as the mandatory use of a mask is urged by the Minister of Health, Luis Francisco Sucre.

The comments of the health minister were given during a meeting held in order to strengthen the strategies focused on reducing the conta

via finance.yahoo12/13/2020

Panama suspends flights by Venezuelan airlines in tit-for-tat measure - Yahoo Finance

Panama's aviation authority said flights by Venezuelan airlines to Panama would be canceled from this Sunday until Venezuela withdrew a suspension on services by Panamanian airline Copa to Venezuela, which was announced on Saturday. In a statement, the authority said flights were suspended until Venezuela permitted Copa to resume its service and re-established "fair and equal" treatment under a bilateral accord.

via finance.yahoo12/11/2020

World bank approves $300 mln loan to Panama for health crisis, recovery - Yahoo Finance

The World Bank said on Friday it had approved a $300 million loan to support Panama's response to the coronavirus pandemic and its economic recovery. The World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank have lent Panama about $1.3 billion to mitigate the impact of the pandemic.

via eurekalert.org12/09/2020

The Lancet: New polio vaccine against strain that threatens eradication is safe and generates immune response in adults, young children, and infants - EurekAlert

Scientists have developed the first poliovirus vaccine against a mutated form of the disease that is causing disease outbreaks across Africa and Asia. Designed to be more genetically stable than the licensed Sabin oral vaccine [1], the new vaccine appears to be as safe and provides similar immune responses when tested in healthy adults, children, and infants, according to new research published in two papers in The Lancet.

via menafn12/08/2020

Panama- $11450 sanctions for flouting health rules - MENAFN.COM

 Sanctions of $11,450 were imposed by the Herrera regional health department on violators of sanitary regulations during the months of September, October and November reports Stayci Osorio, head of the Public Health department of the Herrera health region.

We have sanctioned establishments and individuals who have violated the g

via menafn12/03/2020

Panama- Covid-19 nixes graduations - MENAFN.COM

The Ministry of Education announced Wednesday, December 2, that the graduation ceremonies scheduled for 2020 are officially suspended,  in both public and private schools.

Anaika De La Espada, Deputy Director-General of Education, stressed that the decision is made after the rebound in covid-19 cases during November and the first days

via menafn12/02/2020

Panama- Lockdown return still on the cards - MENAFN.COM

The possibility that Panama will return to lockdown is still latent, due to the alteration in the increase of cases, the RT, the availability of beds and deaths, and although the lethality is not more than 3% it registers an increase warned the deputy director of the Metropolitan Health Region, Yamileth López.   She added that we are facing

via finance.yahoo12/12/2020

Panama's Copa airlines says flights to and from Venezuela canceled - Yahoo Finance

Panamanian airline Copa said on Saturday all of its flights between Panama City and Caracas will from Sunday be canceled on the orders of the Venezuelan government. "Copa Airlines regrets the inconvenience that this measure beyond the control of the company may cause to the travel plans of its passengers," Copa said in a statement.

via houstonchronicle12/12/2020

U.S. LNG faces growing competition in Europe - Houston Chronicle

WASHINGTON — The American liquefied natural gas industry is expected to face increased competition in the European energy market next year, as Algeria and Russia look to expand their supply on the continent. Despite opposition from the United States, Russia's Nordstream 2 pipeline into Germany is expected to be completed by the end of June, S&P Global Platts said Friday. That follows the Trans Adriatic Pipeline coming online last month, increasing capacity between the Caspian Sea and Italy. With European gas demand down because of the coronavirus pandemic, U.S. LNG facilities are expected to operate at only a fraction of their capacity. "U.S. LNG is going to find itself outside looking in and struggling to compete," said Chris Midgley, global head at S&P Global Platts Analytics. “This summer, we saw LNG facilities in the U.S. reducing down to 40 percent (of their capacity), and we expect to see much of the same next year. The economics don't make sense for people to lift and move LNG right now." On As LNG booms, some fear bubble Existing LNG operations along the Gulf Coast can fall back on long-term contracts, which require customers to pay for the supply whether they take possession of it or not. But the situation in Europe raises questions about the viability of future U.S. LNG projects. Seven LNG export facilities were operating in the United States as of September, with five more under construction, according to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. Another 15 are under development, six to be located on the Texas Gulf Coast, raising the question of whether there’s enough gas...

via menafn12/11/2020

Panama- Gates Foundation pledges $250 million to fight pandemic - MENAFN.COM

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation said Thursday that it had pledged $250 million in additional funding for the global campaign to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

Part of the funds will go towards the distribution of vital doses of COVID-19 vaccines to countries in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. We have new drugs and more potential vaccines

via republicworld12/09/2020

Panama celebrates Mothers Day amid coronavirus pandemic - Republic World

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via menafn12/06/2020

Panama- First covid vaccine shots arrive early 2021 - MENAFN.COM

The first batch of 450,000 vaccines from the pharmaceutical company  Pfizer  will arrive in Panama between January and March 2021 and will be distributed to a specific population.

We have initiated a vaccination plan with priority groups, among them: health officials, national security, bedridden adults over 60 yea