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via trendinindia.in04/05/2020

Coronavirus has confined 400 crore people to their homes worldwide - Trendinindia

Coronavirus circumstances multiplied 10 instances in lower than a month all over the world. According to the Johns Hopkins University database, Covid-19 circumstances crossed the 1,00,000-mark globally on March 6. By eight pm on April 5, there have been greater than 1.2 million coronavirus circumstances worldwide, with over 65,000 deaths, and roughly a quarter-million recoveries. […]

via cryptodictation03/26/2020

Ronaldinho's lawyer says strike in Paraguay causes 'a lot of uncertainty' - Crypto Dictation

Nathalia Aguilar / EFERonaldinho and Assis leave the Public Ministry of Paraguay Decision announced by the Paraguayan Supreme Court on Wednesday may further complicate the situation of Ronaldinho Gaucho and his brother, Assisi, arrested in Asunción since the last 6 days after using false passports to enter the country. Because of the new coronavirus pandemic, […]

via news.bloombergtax03/24/2020

Paraguay Tax Agency Issues Resolution Extending Corporate Advance Tax Payment Deadline Due to Coronavirus - Bloomberg Tax

The Paraguayan State Undersecretariat of Taxation March 20 issued a resolution extending the deadline to April 1 from March 23 to March 25 for commercial, industrial, and services entities to make third and fourth advance tax installment payments due to the coronavirus pandemic. [Paraguay, State Subsecretariat of Taxation, 03/20/20]

via voanews03/22/2020

Italy Reports Hundreds of new Coronavirus Deaths - VOA News

Europe has become the epicenter of the COVID-19 outbreak, with the hardest hit nation, Italy reporting hundreds of new deaths on Sunday. The total number of deaths in the country has now surpassed 5,400. All nonessential businesses in hard-hit Italy have been ordered to close as the country battles the coronavirus pandemic.   “It is the most difficult crisis in our postwar period,” Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said. A view of an empty street, in Rome, March 21, 2020.

via thepointsguy03/15/2020

These are the global coronavirus travel restrictions by country - The Points Guy

If it seems like all anyone can talk about these days is the novel coronavirus from China, well, you’re not wrong. The infectious disease is spreading around the world — and nations are doing whatever they can to stop it in its tracks. As of March 15, you’ll need a clean bill of health to visit …

via voanews03/14/2020

Haiti’s First Suspected Coronavirus Case Tests Negative - VOA News

Haiti’s first suspected coronavirus case has tested negative, the country's new prime minister says. Joseph Jouthe held a news conference Friday at his official residence along with the director general of the Ministry of Public Health, Dr. Laure Adrien, to try to calm citizens anxious about the country’s potential first case of the deadly infection. The health official described the tested patient as a female foreigner who had returned to Haiti after traveling to her native country, where coronavirus has spread.

via voanews03/12/2020

South Korea Shows World How to Slow Spread of Coronavirus - VOA News

South Korea has shown the world it may be possible to slow the spread of the coronavirus without resorting to heavy-handed lockdowns as seen in China, Italy and elsewhere. Although South Korea has reported a decrease, followed by a leveling off, in new coronavirus infections over the past week, no one here is declaring victory. A major question is whether the Seoul area, where nearly half of South Korea’s population lives, can avoid a major outbreak. In an unnerving development, authorities this week discovered more than 100 new infections linked to an insurance company call center in

via ktvl03/28/2020

Local Peace Corp volunteer opens up about evacuation from Paraguay - KTVL

As the spread of the Coronavirus continues, more than 7,000 Peace Corp volunteers were evacuated from their missions due to COVID-19 and the closure of international airports. One Peace Corp volunteer from Medford, Jordan Rogers, was in Paraguay. She told News 10, it never crossed her mind that they would be sent home due to the virus. "It just seemed like such a distant problem, that the thought of it coming to Paraguay never really seemed real to me," said Rogers.

via voanews03/26/2020

Armenia Reports First Death Related to Coronavirus - VOA News

A 72-year-old woman diagnosed with the coronavirus died in Armenia on Thursday, the Health Ministry's spokeswoman said, reporting the country's first death related to the virus. Armenia, a country of around 3 million people, had reported 290 coronavirus cases as of Thursday, the highest number among countries in the South Caucasus region.

via news.yahoo03/22/2020

Coronavirus hits Uruguay's mate drinkers - Yahoo News

Much Uruguayan social life revolves around the sharing of a traditional hot herbal infusion called mate, but even that seemingly innocuous practice is under threat from the new coronavirus pandemic. The sight of people walking down the street with a mate gourd cupped in one hand, its metal straw sticking

via voanews03/16/2020

Starbucks Shifts to 'To Go' format in US, Canada as Virus Spreads - Voice of America

Starbucks Corp has closed its dine-in areas and switched to a "to go" format for at least two weeks to help control the rapid spread of the coronavirus outbreak in the United States and Canada. The world's largest coffee chain said on Sunday it would also temporarily close stores in communities with high numbers of coronavirus cases, as well as malls and university campuses. The unprecedented move comes as authorities in New York, Los Angeles and other global cities shut down bars, restaurants, theaters and cinemas to combat the coronavirus pandemic. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said on

via voanews03/15/2020

Americans Rattled by Trump Feud With Democrats Over Coronavirus Response - VOA News

Congressional Democrats are at odds with the Trump administration over legislation that would provide a swift response to the catastrophic public health and economic impact of the coronavirus. The battle between the White House and Capitol Hill comes as many Democrats say Trump's Wednesday night Oval Office speech was inadequate in addressing the growing U.S. crisis. VOA's congressional correspondent Katherine Gypson has more on this historic political battle.

via outbreaknewstoday03/14/2020

Paraguay: 6 COVID-19 cases reported, Let’s not forget about dengue - Outbreak News Today

By NewsDesk  @infectiousdiseasenews COVID-19 Health Minister Julio Mazzoleni confirmed the sixth case of COVID 19 infection in Paraguay Friday. People who had contact with the one who was infected by the patient who arrived from Ecuador will also be evaluated by health professionals from the General Directorate of Health Surveillance, according to the established protocol, Mazzoleni …

via ijnet.org03/11/2020

How are newsrooms keeping readers informed on COVID-19? Here are some examples from around the globe - IJNet

The latest COVID-19 disease, which is a result of the novel coronavirus, has become a global story. As Italy enacts a country-wide quarantine, France and major U.S. cities cancel social gatherings, the virus has taken over a majority of the news cycle around the world. News organizations are responding by developing a variety of news products to cover the outbreak. From newsletters to podcasts to microsites, international news organizations are disseminating information using new methods beyond the usual day-to-day coverage.

via voanews03/25/2020

Italy's Veneto Region to Test Everyone for Coronavirus - VOA News

In Italy, the Veneto region has initiated mass screening of citizens to find asymptomatic carriers of coronavirus.  The action follows mass screening in a single town that has had no new cases since March 13.     Veneto Governor Luca Zaia has decided to launch large-scale testing of the entire population of the northeast Italian region.

via malaymail03/23/2020

Coronavirus hits Uruguay’s mate drinkers - Malay Mail

MONTEVIDEO, March 23 — Much Uruguayan social life revolves around the sharing of a traditional hot herbal infusion called mate, but even that seemingly innocuous practice is under threat from the new coronavirus pandemic. The sight of people walking down the street with a mate gourd cupped in one...

via reuters03/20/2020

Brazil coronavirus cases top 600, diplomatic spat with China bubbles - Reuters

Confirmed coronavirus cases in Brazil surged past 600 on Thursday, more than doubling in two days, as a diplomatic spat over the disease's origins between President Jair Bolsonaro's son and the Chinese ambassador threatened relations with Brazil's top trading partner.

via forbes03/16/2020

[Global Update] Complete Coronavirus Travel Guide—The Latest Countries Restricting Travel - Forbes

Which countries have travel bans? The complete guide to which countries have closed their borders and restricted travel around the world due to the onset or coronavirus. Can I still fly from Europe to the U.S. Do I have to quarantine myself? When is it necessary to self-quarantine? Is it safe

via voanews03/13/2020

Are US Hospitals Ready for Coronavirus? - Voice of America

Despite worldwide efforts to contain the new coronavirus, COVID-19 is now a pandemic. Health experts say community spread is happening in the U.S., and the known cases are just the tip of the iceberg. When COVID-19 first erupted in China, infectious disease experts at hospitals in the U.S. took notice. At Ohio’s Cleveland Clinic, Dr. Robert Wyllie said the focus is on preparing health care workers. “We’re updating the skills and knowledge of the caregivers,” he said.