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via arabnews08/15/2020

Austrian who held Pakistan's first passport — and helped seal ties with Saudi Arabia - Arab News

ISLAMABAD/WARSAW: Leopold Weiss, born to a Jewish family in the then Polish city of Lwow (now Lviv, in Ukraine) was a journalist who ardently advocated the Palestinian cause, a friend to the founding monarch of Saudi Arabia, and the translator of one of the most popular English versions of the Qur’an. He later converted to Islam in 1926, becoming Muhammad Asad, and was also

via arabnews08/14/2020

Who's Who: Abdulaziz Al-Shamsi, CEO of the Saudi Company for Exchanging Digital Information - Arab News

Abdulaziz Al-Shamsi has been CEO at the Saudi Company for Exchanging Digital Information (Tabadul) since 2017. Tabadul is an innovation hub that offers services to the government and private sector that focus on facilitating trade and streamlining electronic transactions. The company recently sold 100 percent of its shares at the Public Investment Fund (PIF) to the information

via arabnews08/13/2020

Saudi Arabia condemns killing of Iraqi military officials by Turkish drone attack - Arab News

RIYADH: Saudi Arabia has offered condolences to Iraq over the killing of two high-ranking military officials this week by a Turkish military drone attack carried out on Iraqi territory.  The Saudi Minister of Foreign Affairs Prince Faisal bin Farhan sent the Kingdom’s condolences during a phone call with his Iraqi counterpart, Fuad Muhammed Hussein Baki. Over the phone, both

via arabnews08/12/2020

Cyberattacks hit 95% of Saudi businesses last year, says study - Arab News

RIYADH: Cyberattacks hit 95 percent of businesses in the Kingdom last year, according to a new survey, as a cybersecurity expert warned that there was a lack of awareness in Saudi Arabia about the seriousness of such attacks and what people could do to protect themselves. More than 800 global business and cybersecurity leaders took part in the survey, including 49 from the

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How postponing Asia World Cup qualifiers affects Saudi Arabia's plans - Arab News

LONDON: Saudi Arabia’s qualification plans for the 2022 World Cup were hit again on Wednesday as the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) postponed qualifiers that were scheduled in October and November to 2021. However, the decision could boost the Champions League hopes of the country’s clubs. With the coronavirus pandemic still active around the world, Saudi Arabia’s games

via arabnews08/11/2020

Notice setting date for Saudi international flights 'is bogus' - Arab News

RIYADH: A fake circular suggesting Saudi Arabia will resume international flights in October has been condemned as “completely baseless and fabricated” by the General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA). Rumors that international flights will shortly return have been circulating on social media in recent weeks without any official statement from GACA. On Tuesday, the authority

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Oil and gas industry rebounding from initial COVID-related drop in consumer demand - The Record

Environmentalists can’t get enough of the coronavirus. For months, green activists have praised stay-at-home orders for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Rather than lamenting the lockdown for pushing 40 million Americans into unemployment, environmentalists have cheered it as the end of fossil fuels. Fortunately for the millions of Americans who rely on oil and natural gas to power their lives, fossil fuels aren’t going anywhere.

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Saudi Arabia's COVID-19 recoveries exceed 260000 - Arab News

JEDDAH: The Saudi Ministry of Health announced on Friday that the total number of recoveries from the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic has reached 262,959, with 2,566 patients recovering in the last 24 hours. In Jeddah, the ministry’s “Taakad” (make sure) drive-through centers have tested 311,302 people since it was launched in June. The centers are dedicated for

via arabnews08/13/2020

Jordan's increase in coronavirus cases 'worrying', government says - Arab News

CAIRO: Jordan’s increase in coronavirus cases is “worrying,” however the situation remains under control, the Kingdom’s government said Thursday. Minister of State for Media affairs Amjad Al-Adaileh called on Jordanians to avoid gatherings of more than 20 people. He specifically addressed parents of high school students, who are waiting for exam results next Saturday, the

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Saudi Arabia Launches Next Phase Of Covid-19 Vaccine Trials With China - About Her

While the second half of 2020 continues in more or less the same spirit as the period before it, marked by lockdown and a range of preventive measures on the ground, Saudi Arabia is taking a major step towards slowing the spread of the new coronavirus across country by conducting the third phase of a COVID-19 vaccine clinical trial. The tests will be carried out on at least

via arabnews08/12/2020

Education in GCC region seeks a 'new normal' as coronavirus crisis drags on - Arab News

DUBAI: For over a billion students around the world, something as mundane as going to school has been abruptly excised from their daily schedule for much of the academic year. Following the spread of the coronavirus in early 2020, most countries closed their schools and other educational institutions in an effort to protect communities from the pandemic.

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Saudi clinics carry out 2 million virus tests - Arab News

JEDDAH: Saudi Arabia’s Takkad centers have launched a 24-hour testing service as part of an early detection campaign to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus. Tetamman clinics and Takkad (make sure) centers have carried out more than 2 million polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests across the Kingdom since the start of the pandemic. Takkad centers are designated for those

via arabnews08/11/2020

GCC chief tells Turkish ambassador to Saudi Arabia that UAE threats unacceptable - Arab News

RIYADH: The GCC rejects threats made by Turkish officials against the UAE, the council’s secretary general said on Tuesday. Nayef Al-Hajraf made the comments during a meeting with Erdogan Kok, the Turkish ambassador to Saudi Arabia in Riyadh.  Al-Hajraf stressed the GCC’s “keenness for regional stability and security” and achieving bilateral interests with neighboring

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Interference in scientific research on COVID-19 in Turkey - The Lancet

Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), as it was later named, was first identified in Wuhan, China, on Jan 7, 2020.1 Over the following months, the virus rapidly spread throughout the world. The disease, COVID-19, was characterised as a pandemic by WHO on March 11, 2020. On the same day, the Turkish Ministry of Health reported the first case in Turkey.2 According to the Global Initiative on Sharing All Influenza Data platform, which analyses the genomic epidemiology of SARS-CoV-2, the disease reached Turkey mainly through Iran, with whom Turkey has strong commercial and touristic ties, and Saudi Arabia, where thousands of Turkish citizens travelled to visit the holy places until mid-March, 2020.

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Saudi health service gets nearly 3m calls in one month - Arab News

RIYADH: The Saudi Ministry of Health’s 937 Service Center received 2,903,676 calls in the past month amid growing concern over the coronavirus pandemic. According to the center, the calls included 898,039 medical consultations, 179,267 appointment requests and 287,836 coronavirus inquiries. The service center answers health queries as well as questions on the coronavirus.

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Rights group: Houthis, Saudis killed Ethiopian migrants - The Pioneer

CAIRO (AP) - A prominent rights group Thursday accused Yemen's Houthi rebels and rival Saudi border guards of killing several dozen Ethiopian migrants in an incident at the border earlier this year. The statement from New York-based Human Rights Watch quoted Ethiopian migrants who said Houthi fighters in April rounded up thousands of them from their unofficial settlement area in al-Ghar town in the country's northwestern Saada province. The migrants said they were forced into pickup trucks and driven to the nearby Saudi border. During the process, Houthis screamed that the migrants were "coronavirus carriers" and fired at anyone who tried to escape, the witnesses said. Once the Ethiopian migrants arrived at the Saudi border, they got caught up in clashes between their Houthi escorts and Saudi border guards, the rights group said. "It was early in the morning (on April 16) and they told us to leave in two hours," said an Ethiopian woman. "Most people left, but I stayed. But after two hours, they started firing bullets and rockets - I saw two people killed." Yemen's ongoing civil war pits the Houthis, who occupy the north, against a U.S-backed. and Saudi-led coalition that supports an internationally recognized government in the south. "The lethal disregard Houthi and Saudi forces have shown civilians during Yemen's armed conflict was replayed in April with Ethiopian migrants at the Yemen-Saudi border," said Nadia Hardman, refugee and migrant rights researcher at Human Rights Watch. "United Nations agencies need to step in to address the immediate threats to the Ethiopian migrants and press for accountability for those responsible for the killings and other abuses." Neither Houthi nor Saudi officials could be immediately reached for...

via hrw.org08/13/2020

Yemen: Houthis Kill, Expel Ethiopian Migrants - Human Rights Watch

Houthi forces in April 2020 forcibly expelled thousands of Ethiopian migrants from northern Yemen using Covid-19 as a pretext, killing dozens and forcing them to the Saudi border, Human Rights Watch said today. Saudi border guards then fired on the fleeing migrants, killing dozens more, while hundreds of survivors escaped to a mountainous border area.

via reuters08/12/2020

Saudi stock exchange to launch environmental index with MSCI: CEO - Reuters

Saudi Arabia's stock exchange (TADAWUL) plans to launch an environmental, social or governance (ESG) index in cooperation with global index provider MSCI by the fourth quarter of this year or first quarter of 2021, the bourse's chief executive said on Wednesday.