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via voanews10/19/2020

East African Truckers Pay Bribes for Negative Coronavirus Tests, Official Says - Voice of America

Long-distance truck drivers are paying bribes to evade coronavirus testing at the Uganda-Kenya border, the head of Uganda's Professional Drivers Network said.   Omongo Ndugu, who is also the vice chairperson of the Uganda Long Distance and Heavy Truck Drivers Association, said drivers and their associates pay bribes of between $14 and $40 to get a certificate indicating negative status, or to cross the border without being tested.  Drivers are required to be designated as COVID-19-free before they can cross the border into any east African country.

via voanews10/19/2020

South Sudanese Students Stranded in Cuba, Zimbabwe - Voice of America

Nearly 40 South Sudanese students who went to Cuba and Zimbabwe for higher education say they are stuck in those countries with no money for food, transportation or a plane ticket home.    A South Sudanese Education Ministry official blamed the Finance Ministry for failing to release funds to cover the students' stipends and arrears to universities, but a Finance Ministry official insisted the students are not on government scholarships.  Twenty-eight South Sudanese students are stranded in Zimbabwe and 11 more are stuck in Cuba.

via arabnews10/17/2020

24 million Egyptian students begin school year amid virus precautions - Arab News

CAIRO: Amid measures taken to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, 24 million Egyptian students have started their academic year in 56,000 different schools. School leaders spent the first day of school making announcements to students about essential hygiene and how to prevent the spread of COVID-19. There was generally a high turnout of students in most schools, despite

via voanews10/16/2020

Rise in Malawi Suicide Cases Linked to COVID-19 - Voice of America

Malawi has recorded a 57% increase in suicides since the start the coronavirus pandemic. Psychologists blame loss of hope in dealing with social distancing and economic problems from COVID-19.   Emily Luangwa recalls how her brother was under pressure to repay a loan from his creditors before he took his own life in August.     She says because of COVID-19 his business was not running normally.  Due to pressure from creditors, she says, he tried to sell some farm produce but it was not enough to meet the amount we borrowed.

via arabnews10/14/2020

KSRelief continues helping Sudan flood victims - Arab News

RIYADH: The King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center on Tuesday distributed over 42 tons of food items among flood victims in Khartoum, Sudan. In addition to sending aid to flood victims, the Kingdom is also assisting the country in its fight against the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic. Earlier this week, the center handed over 100 tons of dates as a gift from

via arabnews10/13/2020

Maersk plans lay off 2000 in business shake-up, boosts outlook amid growing freight demand - Arab News

COPENHAGEN: The world’s biggest container shipping line, Maersk, said demand was recovering faster than expected and lifted its earnings outlook, while also announcing plans to cut 2,000 jobs as it streamlines to cut costs. Maersk, which handles about one in five containers shipped worldwide, said that though cargo volumes were still down on last year they had picked up more

via arabnews10/12/2020

Sudanese migrant reaches UK after fateful journey - Arab News

LONDON: A migrant who traveled with a Sudanese refugee who drowned in the English Channel in August has arrived in the UK after risking the same journey again. Ahmed Fadol Adam, 21, spent five years enslaved in Libya. He used a dinghy with 11 other Sudanese migrants on Sept. 29 to make the journey from France to Britain, The Guardian newspaper reported. It was his fifth

via voanews10/19/2020

UN Shines Spotlight on Sahel Suffering - Voice of America

The United Nations is warning that Africa’s Sahel region is facing a confluence of factors that are pushing the region deeper into poverty, hunger and the hands of extremists. The U.N. says that if the international community does not invest attention and money to stop the problem now, the consequences could spread beyond the region in the coming years.   “We may be approaching a tipping point beyond which it will be much, much, more difficult and expensive to change the trajectory,” U.N.

via developingtels10/19/2020

South Sudan gains its first international fibre cable link - Developing Telecoms

Following a referendum, oil-rich South Sudan seceded from Sudan in 2011 and became an independent nation. Having been deprived of investment for decades, it inherited one of the least developed telecommunications and internet markets in the world, while other infrastructure is also lamentably poor.

via voanews10/16/2020

Sahel Humanitarian Crisis Reaches Breaking Point as Funding Dries Up - Voice of America

U.N. agencies are operating on a shoestring budget in the Sahel region. The United Nations reports they will need $2.4 billion through the coming year to provide life-saving assistance to more than 13 million people, over half of them children, in Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger.  The U.N. children's fund reports multiple crises in the Central Sahel, including a surge in armed violence. The economic fallout from COVID-19 is worsening conditions for children.    UNICEF spokeswoman Marixie Mercado said more than a million children have been forcibly displaced from their homes.

via pattayamail10/14/2020

Last batch of Thai soldiers joining UN missions in South Sudan returned with Covid-free - Pattaya Mail

Seventy-six army engineers who returned from South Sudan tested negative for the coronavirus disease 2019. Please Support Pattaya Mail Gen Paripat Palasin, deputy chief of defense forces, said the 76 soldiers formed the last group of the first batch of army engineers who returned from their missions in South Sudan. They arrived at Don Mueang […]

via nsjonline10/14/2020

World Food Program wins Nobel Peace Prize for hunger fight - North State Journal

NIAMEY, Niger — The World Food Program won the Nobel Peace Prize on Friday for fighting hunger and seeking to end its use as "a weapon of war and conflict" at a time when the coronavirus pandemic has driven millions more people to the brink of starvation. Announcing the prize, the Norwegian Nobel

via arabnews10/13/2020

Inflation in Sudan hits record 212 percent - Arab News

KHARTOUM: Sudan saw record-breaking inflation last month, topping 212 percent year-on-year driven by increases in food and rent prices, the country’s statistics office said Tuesday. “The annual (inflation) rate was 212.29 percent for the month of September 2020, compared to 166.83 percent in August,” the Central Bureau of Statistics said in a statement. The local currency is

via kff.org10/12/2020

Media Outlets Examine WFP's Work Following Nobel Peace Prize Win; Some Experts Question Award Choice - Kaiser Family Foundation

AP: WFP chief seeks million from donors, billionaires for food “…[World Food Programme Executive Director David] Beasley, who got COVID-19 in April, has spent the months since he recovered reaching out to world leaders and visiting stricken countries with a new warning that he delivered to the U.N. Security Council last month: millions of people<span class="readmore-ellipsis">…</span><a href="" class="see-more light-beige no-float inline-readmore">More</a></p>

via arabnews10/17/2020

ICC prosecutor arrives in Sudan to discuss Bashir case - Arab News

CAIRO: The International Criminal Court’s prosecutor arrived in Sudan late Saturday to discuss cooperation with local authorities over bringing to trial those internationally wanted for war crimes and genocide in the country’s Darfur conflict, the Sudanese official news agency said. Prime Minister Abdallla Hamdok’s office said in a statement that ICC Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda

via arabnews10/17/2020

UAE's culture minister becomes latest govt official to receive coronavirus trial vaccine - Arab News

DUBAI: The UAE’s Minister of Culture and Youth, Noura Al-Kaabi, has become the latest official in the country to receive the COVID-19 trial vaccine. In her latest Instagram post, Al-Kaabi appears to be receiving the jab, with a message praising the nurse who administered the vaccination. “Thank you Nurse Ozma, from Lahore! She’s been working in the UAE for the past 18 years.”

via voanews10/16/2020

Coronavirus Pandemic Worsens Hunger, Malnutrition in Parts of Africa - Voice of America

Hunger and malnutrition are worsening in parts of the African continent because of the coronavirus pandemic, especially in low-income communities or those already stricken by continued conflict, according to a survey of 2,400 people in 10 African countries by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). The survey, conducted from June to August, shows the pandemic has caused job losses and curtailed people’s ability to farm or access markets. Sorry, but your browser cannot support embedded video of this type, you can download this video to view it offline. Download File

via wionews10/14/2020

`Not enough`: Oxfam accuses governments of not helping poor countries amid pandemic - WION

The pandemic has negatively affected millions of people all around the world, and especially the poor countries where people are struggling to get enough food to eat. The NGO Oxfam has now published a report urging the first-world countries to come forward and help the poor countries come out of food insecurity. As per the report, titled "Later Will Be Too Late", Oxfam has claimed that the international community's response to global food insecurity is "dangerously inadequate".

via arabnews10/13/2020

Mawhiba megaproject to support gifted youth in Saudi Arabia - Arab News

RIYADH: The biggest ever campaign to discover talented and gifted students in Saudi Arabia was launched on Tuesday through the National Program for Gifted Students Identification. Led by the King Abdul Aziz and His Companions Foundation for Giftedness and Creativity (Mawhiba), in partnership with the Ministry of Education and the National Center for Assessment (Qiyas), the

via webwire10/13/2020

The Hunger Virus: " Abysmally low” funding for 55m people facing extreme hunger in seven worst-affected countries - WebWire

The threat of �Covid famines� and widespread extreme hunger is setting off every alarm bell within the international community, but so far sluggish funding is hampering humanitarian agencies� efforts to deliver urgent assistance to people in need. A new Oxfam analysis says that the international community�s response to global food insecurity has been dangerously inadequate. The report, �Later Will Be Too Late�, is aimed at the Committee for World Food Security�s (CFS) high-level event tod...