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UK Researchers Study COVID-19 and Decision-Making for Reopening Schools - UKNow

Kelly G. Pennell, Gill Associate Professor in the Department of Civil Engineering and director of the University of Kentucky Superfund Research Center, has co-authored an article detailing lessons learned about stakeholder engagement and risk communication relevant for COVID-19 and school reopening.

via bmj10/22/2020

Convalescent plasma in the management of moderate covid-19 in adults in India: open label phase II multicentre randomised controlled trial (PLACID Trial) - The BMJ

Objective To investigate the effectiveness of using convalescent plasma to treat moderate coronavirus disease 2019 (covid-19) in adults in India. Design Open label, parallel arm, phase II, multicentre, randomised controlled trial. Setting 39 public and private hospitals across India. Participants 464 adults (≥18 years) admitted to hospital (screened 22 April to 14 July 2020) with confirmed moderate covid-19 (partial pressure of oxygen in arterial blood/fraction of inspired oxygen (PaO2/FiO2) ratio between 200 mm Hg and 300 mm Hg or a respiratory rate of more than 24/min with oxygen saturation 93% or less on room air): 235 were assigned to convalescent plasma with best standard of care (intervention arm) and 229 to best standard of care only (control arm). Interventions Participants in the intervention arm received two doses of 200 mL convalescent plasma, transfused 24 hours apart. The presence and levels of neutralising antibodies were not measured a priori; stored samples were assayed at the end of the study. Main outcome measure Composite of progression to severe disease (PaO2/FiO2 <100 mm Hg) or all cause mortality at 28 days post-enrolment. Results Progression to severe disease or all cause mortality at 28 days after enrolment occurred in 44 (19%) participants in the intervention arm and 41 (18%) in the control arm (risk difference 0.008 (95% confidence interval −0.062 to 0.078); risk ratio 1.04, 95% confidence interval 0.71 to 1.54). Conclusion Convalescent plasma was not associated with a reduction in progression to severe covid-19 or all cause mortality. This trial has high generalisability and approximates convalescent plasma use in real life settings with limited laboratory capacity. A priori measurement of neutralising antibody titres in donors and participants might further clarify the role of convalescent plasma in the management of covid-19. Trial registration Clinical Trial Registry of India CTRI/2020/04/024775.

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British PM, Opposition Debate Pandemic Response - Voice of America

British Prime Boris Johnson pushed back again Wednesday on opposition efforts to implement a two-week "circuit-breaker" nationwide lockdown to stem the spread of coronavirus cases in the country. In the House of Commons, Opposition Labor Party leader Keir Starmer said Johnson's regional three-tiered alert system has not been working and that more drastic measures need to be put in place. The system, implemented more than a week ago, classifies regions of the country as medium, high or very high virus risk, based on their levels of new cases.

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British Airways CEO: Airline Industry May Never Recover From COVID-19 -

The airline industry may never be able to see beyond the Coronavirus crisis, if the problem of how people could travel again would not be addressed first, according to British Airways CEO, Sean Doyle. The British Airways CEO talked about the risk which faces the airline industry currently, and steps that should be taken in […]

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Deloitte to shut four UK offices as COVID-19 entrenches remote working - Metro US

<div class="at-above-post addthis_tool" data-url=""></div>(Reuters) – Deloitte will permanently close four of its 50 UK offices in coming months as the company aims to cut costs amid the coronavirus pandemic, the Financial Times reported on Saturday. Deloitte, one of the world’s “Big Four” accounting firms, will move about 500 of its employees who work at offices in Gatwick, Liverpool, […]<!-- AddThis Advanced Settings above via filter on get_the_excerpt --><!-- AddThis Advanced Settings below via filter on get_the_excerpt --><!-- AddThis Advanced Settings generic via filter on get_the_excerpt --><!-- AddThis Share Buttons above via filter on get_the_excerpt --><!-- AddThis Share Buttons below via filter on get_the_excerpt --><div class="at-below-post addthis_tool" data-url=""></div><!-- AddThis Share Buttons generic via filter on get_the_excerpt --><!-- AddThis Related Posts below via filter on get_the_excerpt --><div class="at-below-post-recommended addthis_tool" ></div><!-- AddThis Related Posts generic via filter on get_the_excerpt -->

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UK Ballistic Missile Sub Crew Suffers COVID-19 Outbreak After Visit to US Sub Base - USNI News

More than 30 members of the crew of the U.K. Royal Navy ballistic-missile submarine HMS Vigilant (S30) have tested positive for COVID-19 following a port visit to the U.S. Navy’s East Coast SSBN hub, a U.S. official told USNI News. The official confirmed reports in the British press that the crew of the submarine had […]

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The Latest: UK defends virus risk plan; critics say too late - WQOW TV News 18

INDIANAPOLIS — The University of Notre Dame’s president has ended his quarantine after testing positive for the coronavirus after his attendance at a White House event without wearing a mask. The Rev. John Jenkins “is symptom-free,” the university announced Monday. He began his self-isolation period on Sept. 28, two days after he attended the Rose

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Iconic UK arts institutions get 75 million pounds coronavirus funding - Deccan Herald

The British government on Saturday announced a £75 million (82 million euros) rescue package to save 35 cultural institutions hit by the coronavirus pandemic, including London's iconic Globe Theatre. Grants of between £1 million and £3 million will be distributed to each of the organisations, and will be drawn from the £1.57 billion culture rescue fund announced in July to

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Britain to Deliberately Infect Volunteers With Coronavirus - Voice of America

Healthy volunteers will be deliberately infected with the coronavirus to try to speed up the development of a vaccine, under plans announced by the British government this week.   The trial will involve healthy volunteers ages 18 to 30.  Most coronavirus vaccine trials involve giving volunteers the potential vaccine or a placebo and then waiting until enough of them have been exposed to the virus through their everyday lives.

via news.yahoo10/21/2020

UK scientific advisor says coronavirus unlikely to be eradicated - Yahoo News

The coronavirus will be around for &quot;evermore&quot; as it is unlikely it will be eradicated, a British scientist on the government&#39;s advisory committee for the pandemic said on Wednesday, although a vaccine would help improve the situation. Although the coronavirus will be around indefinitely

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COVID-19 Could Threaten Patients' Hearts | UKNow - UKNow

As time passes, health professionals are learning more about the long-term effects of COVID-19. Dr. Vincent L. Sorrell, director of Advanced Cardiovascular Imaging at UK HealthCare&#039;s Gill Heart &amp; Vascular Institute, explains how the virus is attacking patients&#039; hearts in this week&#039;s health column.

via finance.yahoo10/17/2020

Deloitte to shut four UK offices as COVID-19 entrenches remote working - Yahoo Finance

COVID-19 has changed working life for millions of people around the world, many of whom have switched from offices to working from home - reducing demand for office space and prompting companies to opt out of lease renewals. Deloitte said it would shut its offices in Gatwick, Liverpool, Nottingham and Southampton, where about 500 people work. "COVID-19 has fast-tracked our future of work programme, leading us to review our real estate portfolio and how we use our offices across the UK, including London", Stephen Griggs, Deloitte's UK managing partner, said in an emailed statement.

via wsj10/14/2020

U.K.’s MI5 Steps Up Effort to Protect Covid-19 Vaccine Research - The Wall Street Journal

The new head of MI5, the U.K.’s domestic intelligence service, said the agency had shared knowledge about the dispersal of toxic chemicals in droplets to aid scientists studying the coronavirus as he outlined efforts to protect the integrity of research into a Covid-19 vaccine.

via ophthalmologytimes10/11/2020

Responding, adapting to COVID-19 protocols in the UK - Ophthalmology Times

John Bladen, MBBS, BSc, MRCS, PGCert, PhD, FRCOphth, consultant ophthalmologist and oculoplastic surgeon, King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, London, UK, speaks on the institution's response and workflow adjustments made amid the coronavirus pandemic, how virtual appointments have helped in working through a backlog of patients, and whether cancer may be the next big crisis in the UK due to missed diagnoses during the lockdown.

via metro.us10/22/2020

UK records slight drop to 21,242 new COVID cases on Thursday - Metro US

<div class="at-above-post addthis_tool" data-url=""></div>LONDON (Reuters) – A further 21,242 coronavirus cases were reported in Britain on Thursday, down from a record 26,688 cases a day earlier, daily government statistics showed. There were a further 189 deaths within 28 days of a positive test, down slightly from 191 the day before. (Reporting by Kate Holton and Alistair Smout; editing […]<!-- AddThis Advanced Settings above via filter on get_the_excerpt --><!-- AddThis Advanced Settings below via filter on get_the_excerpt --><!-- AddThis Advanced Settings generic via filter on get_the_excerpt --><!-- AddThis Share Buttons above via filter on get_the_excerpt --><!-- AddThis Share Buttons below via filter on get_the_excerpt --><div class="at-below-post addthis_tool" data-url=""></div><!-- AddThis Share Buttons generic via filter on get_the_excerpt --><!-- AddThis Related Posts below via filter on get_the_excerpt --><div class="at-below-post-recommended addthis_tool" ></div><!-- AddThis Related Posts generic via filter on get_the_excerpt -->

via bmj10/21/2020

Covid-19: Suicidal thoughts increased in young adults during lockdown, UK study finds - The BMJ

Rates of suicidal thoughts have increased during lockdown, especially among young adults, a longitudinal study has found.1 Research published in the British Journal of Psychiatry found that women, young adults, socially disadvantaged people, and people with pre-existing mental health problems reported the worst mental health outcomes in the initial six week period of national lockdown. The study—funded by the Samaritans, the Scottish Association for Mental Health, and the Mindstep Foundation—claims to be the most detailed examination to date of the mental health of UK adults in the weeks after they were instructed to stay at home, on 23 March 2020. Researchers surveyed a national …

via bmj10/20/2020

Living risk prediction algorithm (QCOVID) for risk of hospital admission and mortality from coronavirus 19 in adults: national derivation and validation cohort study - The BMJ

Objective To derive and validate a risk prediction algorithm to estimate hospital admission and mortality outcomes from coronavirus disease 2019 (covid-19) in adults. Design Population based cohort study. Setting and participants QResearch database, comprising 1205 general practices in England with linkage to covid-19 test results, Hospital Episode Statistics, and death registry data. 6.08 million adults aged 19-100 years were included in the derivation dataset and 2.17 million in the validation dataset. The derivation and first validation cohort period was 24 January 2020 to 30 April 2020. The second temporal validation cohort covered the period 1 May 2020 to 30 June 2020. Main outcome measures The primary outcome was time to death from covid-19, defined as death due to confirmed or suspected covid-19 as per the death certification or death occurring in a person with confirmed severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) infection in the period 24 January to 30 April 2020. The secondary outcome was time to hospital admission with confirmed SARS-CoV-2 infection. Models were fitted in the derivation cohort to derive risk equations using a range of predictor variables. Performance, including measures of discrimination and calibration, was evaluated in each validation time period. Results 4384 deaths from covid-19 occurred in the derivation cohort during follow-up and 1722 in the first validation cohort period and 621 in the second validation cohort period. The final risk algorithms included age, ethnicity, deprivation, body mass index, and a range of comorbidities. The algorithm had good calibration in the first validation cohort. For deaths from covid-19 in men, it explained 73.1% (95% confidence interval 71.9% to 74.3%) of the variation in time to death (R2); the D statistic was 3.37 (95% confidence interval 3.27 to 3.47), and Harrell’s C was 0.928 (0.919 to 0.938). Similar results were obtained for women, for both outcomes, and in both time periods. In the top 5% of patients with the highest predicted risks of death, the sensitivity for identifying deaths within 97 days was 75.7%. People in the top 20% of predicted risk of death accounted for 94% of all deaths from covid-19. Conclusion The QCOVID population based risk algorithm performed well, showing very high levels of discrimination for deaths and hospital admissions due to covid-19. The absolute risks presented, however, will change over time in line with the prevailing SARS-C0V-2 infection rate and the extent of social distancing measures in place, so they should be interpreted with caution. The model can be recalibrated for different time periods, however, and has the potential to be dynamically updated as the pandemic evolves.

via english.mathrubhumi10/19/2020

UK records another 16,982 new Covid cases with 67 deaths - Mathrubhumi English

London: Another 16,982 people in Britain have tested positive for COVID-19, bringing the total number of coronavirus cases in the country to 722,409, according to official figures released. The coronavirus-related deaths in Britain rose by 67 to 43,646, the data showed on Sunday, Xinhua news agency reported. The latest figures came as a British government .. | COVID-19

via reuters10/16/2020

Britain moves closer to COVID-19 vaccine trials that infect volunteers - Reuters

"Human challenge" trials of potential COVID-19 vaccines, where volunteers are deliberately infected with the disease, could become a reality after a British biotech firm said it was in advanced talks with the government to create and provide strains of the virus.

via voanews10/13/2020

British Opposition Leader Calls for Three-week 'Circuit Breaker' Lockdown - Voice of America

Britain’s opposition Labor Party Leader Keir Starmer on Tuesday called on the government to implement a three-week temporary nationwide “circuit breaker” lockdown to stop the spread of COVID-19 throughout Britain. Starmer made the proposal in a speech in London, one day after Prime Minister Boris Johnson introduced his three-tiered regional alert plan designed to simplify and standardize the variety of COVID-related restrictions that have been imposed around the country. But Starmer said Britain is in a decisive moment in the fight against the virus and “there’s no longer time to give this