Covid-19 roundup: AstraZeneca ships first COVAX doses as Canada recommends against 65+ use; Inovio, still stuck in PhIII, to respond to FDA in May - Endpoints News

by endpts 02/28/2021

AstraZeneca’s Covid-19 vaccine has had a bumpy ride, but the prominent drugmaker is ready to start supplying their shots to COVAX. The first doses of the AstraZeneca/Oxford vaccine were shipped to Ghana and Cote D’Ivoire, AstraZeneca announced Tuesday, with more set to begin arriving this week in the Philippines, Indonesia,


At least five college students died in Bolivia on Tuesday after falling from the fourth floor of a building at the Public University of El Alto (UPEA), in a highland city near La Paz, when a balcony crush led to a railing collapsing. Dramatic video footage of the accident showed a large group of students gathered on a crowded balcony when the railing gives way and students fall, some to their deaths. "So far we have a report of five dead and three people in intensive care after what happened at the #UPEA facilities," Interior Minister Eduardo Del Castillo wrote on Twitter.


“How to pass the custom?” “You need to bribe someone. We do not bribe the custom, but the police officer, with higher level…” “By container?” “Yes. Possible.” “Have you tried?” “[…] I just send it to Brazil, there are more trading companies there. You can easily smuggle it to Brazil or Peru.” This is the […]

New York variant harbors a third worrisome mutation WHO panel issues strong advice against hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19 The drug hydroxychloroquine, once touted by Donald Trump as a pandemic "game-changer", should not be used to prevent COVID-19 and has no meaningful effect on patients already infected, a World Health Organization expert panel said on Tuesday.