"Quality of work Index Luxembourg": Luxembourg's quality of work drops, 3 out 10 have moderate risks of depression - RTL Today

by today.rtl.lu 01/28/2021

Covid-19 regulations are having a negative effect on our daily working life and general well-being, according to a recent study titled "Quality of work Index Luxembourg" published by the Chambre des salariés, Uni Luxembourg and Infas, the Institute for Social Research.

At least four new variants of the coronavirus are keeping scientists awake at night. One, first identified in southeast England, has now shown up in at least 50 countries and appears to be spreading more efficiently than older variations of the virus. Its appearance has frightened political leaders, who have closed borders and imposed travel


The World Health Organization warns COVID-19 fatigue in Africa has the potential to drive and produce subsequent new waves of this deadly infectious disease.  WHO reports a cumulative total of 3.5 million cases of coronavirus in Africa and 88,000 deaths.  In the past week, the WHO reports more than 175,000 new COVID-19 cases across Africa and 6,200 deaths.  The U.N.


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