RTL Fact Check: What role do schools play in Covid-19 transmission, and are children more infectious? - RTL Today

by today.rtl.lu 02/06/2021

Schools open, then they close - the question on what to do occupies politicians all over the world. The Minister of Education announced the closing of schools from Monday onwards, so our colleagues over at RTL's Luxembourgish desk decided to check some of the facts surrounding Covid-19 and schools.


On Sunday night, Norwegian health officials report receiving ┬áthe first delivery of vaccines from Astra Zeneca, The shipment included 21,600 vaccine doses. Officials say first doses will be given to healthcare professionals under 65 years of age. “These vaccines will be given to people in Norway under the age of 65, as so far no […]


Chief digital officer (CDO) of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) speaks to Computer Weekly about the relationship between digital technologies and sustainability, and how it can be used to re-orient business models for a more environmentally-friendly and inclusive future.

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