Sub-Saharan Africa could green-light 74 mil mt/year LNG capacity by 2030: ACTING - Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide

by hellenicshippingnews 02/10/2021

Sub-Saharan Africa could approve an additional 74 million mt/year of LNG export capacity by 2030 if market conditions allow, the African Coalition for Trade and Investment in Natural Gas said in report published Feb. 9. That would be in addition to the total 60 million mt/year of export capacity the region is expected to have ...


In Sweden, upper-secondary schools moved online while lower-secondary schools remained open during the spring of 2020. A comparison of parents with children in the final year of lower-secondary and first year of upper-secondary school shows that keeping the former open had limited consequences for the overall transmission of the virus. However, the infection rate doubled among lower-secondary teachers relative to upper-secondary ones.

ROCKFORD (WREX) — Friday marks the 326th day SwedishAmerican employees have cared for a COVID-19 patient. To honor those many days of sacrifice, hospital staff gathered outside for a special ceremony. "Today is the 326th day that SwedishAmerican hospital has treated inpatients for COVID-19," says Surgeon-in-Chief Dr. James Cole. "We had a moment of silence,


Western Illinois University Master of Science in Quantitative Economics graduate student and Master of Business Administration alumna (2019) Marine Foray, of Lyon, France, has been invited to share her research by the London School of Economics and Johns Hopkins University at a joint conference this month.